Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico


This isn’t an RV park, or campground, it’s going to be a homestead and shipyard. Thing is, until it gets built up, it’s just dirt and weeds at the back of a small neighborhood, in a small town. There will be low fees, to cover a variety of necessary expenses, but not at marina and dockyard rates and providing services unavailable at marinas.

I would assume you want security, so that funding has to come from somewhere. Onsite bathrooms? Ditto. That launching ramp, when you finish building? Gotta be built. Long-term parking for those offshore, mail and supply deliveries that have to be sorted and stored? All sorts of things that don’t just happen by themselves, but, I’m going to carry that mortgage and that is 85% of the known costs, not counting the addition of everything else.

You’re space? Well, it will need storage, so you’ll need to provide that. When finished, you can donate a shipping container you no longer need and the next people don’t have to buy it, but fencing and gates have to come from somewhere. Pavement isn’t free, some custom rig to lift, carry and launch your project? That’s not going to appear out of nowhere.

I did not and will not ask TSI for some instant shipyard, when there may be some for sale for millions of dollars, but unsuitable for what we’re trying to accomplish at family-scale. This is a completely DIY project with the goal of supporting Seasteading in the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition to working on the property, I expect to take some time, developing and building my own projects. I want to get offshore, too, but my end is far more involved than going out and anchoring, or tooling along to the Caribbean, or Hawaii, or wherever.

Jeff Frusha

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I think it’s a pretty stellar idea. What is the one thing that every seasteader needs to get their project into the water? Space/facilities to build it on the coast. Having a shared space for people to do that together? Perfect!

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I can weld up gates to spec as needed, and can donate a roll of field fencing and a roll of 5ft tall welded wire fencing. I have a box full of small video cameras, proximity detectors, and a multi-input dvr.


I will not knowingly allow illegal practices to be perpetrated on any property I am purchasing, for any reason. Most certainly not fraudulent bills of lading for the illegal purchase of unsafe produce, people with the intent of rape/coercion in sexual assault, or illegal drug use.

This specifically excludes @chinaseapirate from any property I oversee, for any reason, but is not exclusive to his declared intentions, ANY that would willfully break the law, are dangerous to the entire effort of Seasteading and contrary to established law, whether at sea, on land, etc.


Let me reiterate: the sign-up thread is for signup, not discussion.

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Let me rephrase this a bit…

IF there was a place available for you to go build your Seastead, in this case, with waterway access to the Gulf of Mexico, where you could come, setup and start building on ~150 ft by 100 ft space that you could rent and build on, would you be willing to move and start building your Seastead dream?

Would you be willing to rent that space and come build on weekends? What about as an RV park, where you could move a camper in, rent, and just build, would you sell and move? What if you did some research, got a job nearby and moved nearby, then came to build on your time off?

It’s not a freebie… You have to buy your materials, tools, food, have some arrangement for living, utilities, etc.

TANSTAFL - There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

… but, suppose there was such a place… WOULD YOU WANT to USE IT to build YOUR Seastead?

I have 3 people committed to making it happen, as soon as possible. Without enough interest, it won’t. I cannot do this by myself and I have to show there is enough interest for it to happen.

3 people… that’s 2-3 projects and the property itself.

I’m willing to be making a 30 year mortgage for this chance to build such a place and be able to eventually build my own projects. Are YOU willing to commit to anything close to that level? If so, sign up:


Made a call yesterday, on a great location. The owners had just talked about selling the property last weekend.

Location is off Matagorda Bay adjacent to an RV/boat storage. They had intended to expand and never did… Has State Highway access, as well.

Working with graphics, I have been able to include 6 pull-through RV slots, roadway with 18-wheeler truck access, plus a space for an intended Quonset Hut for deliveries, future machine-shop, etc.

Old saying of “Good fences make good neighbors” applies, so, planning a green barrier to help reduce noise from grinders and such.


Open forum, other experts expected to chime in…

In the midst is planning an Incubator Site in Texas, just off Matagorda Bay, for intended private builds and waterway access to the Gulf of Mexico.

Expert Panel Meet Up Planning

The shop will start as an open-ended agricultural type, with round-bales in the Southern end, to act as a sound barrier.


I object. This was in response to the Expert thread



Hay can be treated easily with a Borax solution and covered with a fire resistant fabric, such as Basalt Twill.

ANY decent multi-purpose shop IS a fire hazard…
electrical service and equipment
wood, sawdust, plastics

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All shops have fire hazards- solvents, lubricants, paints, fuels, electricity, insulation, walls, ceilings…

But I personally would look for other solutions to designing neighborliness into the layout.


Planning a ‘green’ barrier (closely-planted trees and shrubs) designed as a partial solution, but short of an expensive, ugly concrete wall, lower-cost alternatives that are effective and less unsightly will be more acceptable, with a neighborhood to consider.

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I had problems with a neighbor. Their dogs heard everything i did, and i heard most everything they said. We were some 200ft apart, with a 50ft wide green space of forest between us. Two days ago i heard the new neighbor’s kids splashing in the creek some 300ft away thru the woods. I planted some evergreen shrubbery along one side of my driveway almost 30 years ago, it’s 6ft tall now. I am pretty sure shrubbery won’t help. Actually, you could spend a small fortune getting such already-grown plants brought in and planted, and the neighbors living 20ft from the property line will still hear everything you do outside.

I have lived it, but feel free to disregard my experiences.

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If it’s zoned industrial, and the neighboring lots are a business that doesn’t involve people sleeping, then you only need a minimal effort at noise reduction.

Since the neighbors are a storage facility, and there’s a highway along one side I don’t see it being an issue that requires a great deal of effort and resources.

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Depends on the specifics of the law in the jurisdiction. I am not an expert on Texas rules. In my jurisdiction, light industrial and mixed use zones can co-exist.

Zones often differ on one side of a road from the other, and across a highway, especially. Road noise is probably more significant than a machine shop across a highway. Especially with some buildings and landscaping in between.

In any event, most people are capable of communicating and fitting into a community without vocally, obviously despising everyone they meet and making enemies of everyone they come into contact with.

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The only view I’ve seen had industrial-looking buildings.


There is a neighborhood backed up to the business park, which includes an RV/Boat storage, a Volunteer Fire Dept. and Shell pumping station, etc.

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So there is. First time I’ve seen this view. I saw the RV storage building and the barn? garage roof? of the closest house.

Putting insulated steel buildings along that side would help a lot. Having designated quiet hours (no hammering or power tools) for tenants would help. In the DIY boatyard where I have my sailboat, we can work any time of day or night, but we can’t make lots of noise after 10pm. It’s not been a problem for any of my sailboat-restoring neighbors in the yard. Where I’m at is less than 1.5 acres. The area I circled in red is recently finished apartments/condos. To the west of those are floating homes and boathouses. Both of these residential areas are less than 50 yards away from the boat yard. Granted, the boat yard is also slightly below-grade.

A line of hesco barriers for a berm 6’ high would go a very long way toward noise abatement, and takes less room and maintenance than a traditional earthen berm.

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I’ll delete all my posts here, as it seems JL and Larry have never had any issues with neighbors, and won’t ever, because they are wonderful people, which i am not.

EDIT: can delete back only a week, sorry.