Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico

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You are just at this for kicks, being almost completely irrational. McAllen, Texas and Nogales, Arizona are the 2 biggest import cities of all produce grown in Central and South America for USA consumption. People eat it every day evidenced by the amount that comes into the USA. The “alternate” site for JL’s seastead could have fresher cheaper fruit and vegetables than 99.999% of other Americans buying in the flipping import/export “free zone” same stuff same inspected boxes is just didn’t fit on the particular truck that day…

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Would you care to post a picture of this waterview/waterfront land at this time? If I am to be be confused with someone making “unsupported” claims, why not let everyone view the information that I based them on??


You stick to your location, please show pictures of that floating acreage.

Since mine is an actual prospective purchase, I would rather not offer it to anyone else to come snatch up as desirable. If I get to purchase it, there will be plenty of pictures. If not, I will try for something else.

Until such time as there IS a REAL purchase made, with an address, I would suggest not posting pics, as that could be false advertising, as well.

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After all the fighting tonight, are you sure you should be signed up as if you plan on using the site planned by JL?

Despite being asked to not discuss the signing up on the signup thread, i do not want to discuss this at all, even on this discussion thread.

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I already said, I have one intended site. I have also said I am limited to 3 specific counties, in order to remain with my current Drs.

Raising real estate costs? I am trying to purchase property that is already listed for sale.

“Free site” This is property you already own? Then why are you even trying to argue?

Road to…? Big difference between a road to the water and a purpose-built ramp on-site, not to mention the expense of transporting a large vessel for launch.

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Oh yeah, sure. if the site lets me paddle up through a river to the site and get clothes out of my truck and stuff like that without accusing me of illegal by leaching indeterminable substances into the water and buying “illegally imported produce” just cause it was missing one paper filed. Same everything else, and its not prosecuted (Dot violation sec 4564.6774ed mod 1998,19999, 2005 etc) because they are out in public with signs selling the same stuff “for the public”. I can drive into the real warehouse behind all the retail stalls (already 50% supermarket price) with a fictitious pick up load # ( that I cancle) and buy 30-50% off the other side of the gate price that the retailers outside sell at. )this is all in USA proper - everything has passed inspection and customs - for one reason or another its still there for sale.

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What are you ranting at me about? I just asked if you plan on being somewhere else and do not like or want to be at JL’s recommended place, why did you sign up to be there? And i don’t even care! But i do not understand this rant about … what?

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I already said, I have one intended site. I have also said I am limited to 3 specific counties, in order to remain with my current Drs. (why move? just change grant topic Ver1to Ver2- living aboard your own registered yacht/ workspace does not have to change your mailing address)

Raising real estate costs? I am trying to purchase property that is already listed for sale.- (Yeah correct RAISING not rising)

“Free site” This is property you already own? Then why are you even trying to argue? - (As a U.s. Citizen I own that anchorage as much as any other citizen - The dock is a standard level floating dockyacht. as big as one wants it (If texas or feds or concerned idiot groups(who influence the legislators) want to pay the yacht dwellers indirectly by paying them or their designee money to “utilize” tires by cleaning the environment then grant will be approved I would guess. I don’t know I don’t apply for grants)

Road to…? Big difference between a road to the water and a purpose-built ramp on-site, not to mention the expense of transporting a large vessel for launch. ( the large vessels are built on the ever stabilizing dock yachts)

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On the off chance that it (“intended site”) comes to exist, and I can park my truck there it would be worth it to me as the river is not that far from the non accessible water front. Forget the “rant”. Those were possible answers you would find acceptable…none directed at you maam.


So, you don’t have a physical location… and you need a registered, licensed vessel to be there, as well as any permits required by the USCG, the State of Texas, or anyone else with jurisdiction…

I am collecting signatures to show interest and then apply for a grant to purchase land, to set up a legitimate place, while your proposal offers illegal trade, a complete lack of storage for private property, a complete lack of parking for that truck and any other vehicle, no address to have deliveries made to,…

Sounds like you’re offering Oceanfront property in Arizona, a pig in a poke, and a purple-nurple.

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EXACTLY. except not on offer, rather an as of yet, a viable option.

apparently TSI decided to nix my offer of providing fresh water and DC inappropriate material. Also removed were provisions for other parking “roro” style (not my truck- that I would have to find parking in town for, as its first delivery of tires is the initial “dockyacht”. partially pre assembled (and pre registered) kit of tire tube flotation only needing to be secured together. In small towns of 200 or so deliveries will be held at the post office up to a week or so…no oceans in arizona, and I’ve forgotten what the other two expressions mean.

I’m expecting the shoreline to be private land - Same previous owners the National Park across from Laguna Madre was donated from. They are public roads. The dock “may” have to go out fishing for a few hours every so often. Who would complain?

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Is there any private shoreline in Texas? I thought the state of Texas owned all shoreline.

Hence why there are no decent beachfront hotels in Texas. With not many decent beaches.


The real question is: Why are you complaining about something someone else intends to do, when it has no impact on you?

You aren’t trying to establish a permanent base of operations, no place for deliveries, nothing but a potential stack of tires hopefully floating in the water that may eventually be capable of supporting enough mass to make a floating dock, vs my proposal to purchase land that will support almost anything anyone is trying to build, has a physical address for deliveries, etc.

Your floating tire construct may not even be legal, the shopping trade you described is illegal, and at any given point in time, you could simply float away with other people’s possessions, left in your care.


The public may have a superior interest in use of privately owned dry beach when an easement has been established on the beachfront. But it does not follow that the public interest in the use of privately owned dry beach is greater than a private property owner’s right to exclude others from her land when no easement exists on that land.


History of Coastal Access in Texas

Beginning when the state of Texas joined the Union in 1845, the public enjoyed extensive access
to the state’s Gulf beaches. The public used the coast for transportation, camping, fishing, and
swimming. Public use of coastal lands and waters was so widely accepted that the public and most
private landowners believed that the state owned both wet and dry portions of the beach. In 1958,
this expansive public use of beaches was curtailed when the Texas Supreme Court ruled in Luttes
v. State that private landowners retained ownership rights over the dry sand portion of the beach
above the mean high tide line and the state only owned the wet sand portion of the beach.
This ruling disrupted long-held traditions presuming the public could use both the wet and dry
portions of the beach.
2 Under the ruling, the public was limited to using the foreshore, or the area
between the mean low and high tide lines. In addition to preventing the public from using the dry
sand beach, the ruling severely limited the public’s access to the foreshore, as the public is often
required to use the privately owned dry sand part of the beach to access the public portion of the
beaches. Further, high tides that completely submerged the foreshore frustrated the public’s use
of the beach. Following the Luttes ruling, the Texas legislature passed the Texas Open Beaches Act
(TOBA) in an effort to codify the public’s use of the state-owned wet beach and access to privately
owned dry beach areas between the mean low tide and vegetation line where an easement has
been established.
TOBA does not apply to coastal land that is not on the Gulf Coast, such as land that faces a bay or
Laguna Madre. Generally, littoral owners have the right to determine who can access this
waterfront land. They have the right to exclude access to their waterfront land up to the seaward
boundary line of their property.

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Thanks for the info.

I did like that in Texas I could camp on the beach and have a bonfire.

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Recently, the land next to me was sold. The previous owners left, the new owners arrived. They executed the procedure i attempted to perform when i tried to leave this place five years ago. There was the normal staging sequence of car-trailer-movingvan, and some sawing and hammering. The previous owners didn’t think things thru and half their stuff has been sitting in the back of a pickup truck in the woods for two weeks, in the rain. And where i tried to move to, the owner (previous friend for many years) never put anything regarding lease/sale/rental onto paper (“we are friends, we can do this with handshake!”). And again this morning, i spent hours looking over boat ramps and surrounding areas on google maps, to see if anything has changed. Because one place i visited in person late last year had closed due to the area changing over to residential, and the marina owner discovered he could no longer noisily build or repair boats there, and he walked away a year ago and no one knew where he was.

A marina is a place people visit the water. It’s like a campground where you leave the popup camper in the parking lot, and take it into the woodland trails when you come visit for a weekend. Or where you leave the cammo tent and canoe in storage, and take it into the swamp during duck hunting season.

Imagine you came back in your boat and there was a hotel where you left your truck, and no boat ramp. What if there was a boat ramp, but a new sign where your truck was says “No Overnight Parking”? Suppose you planned on you and a neighbor to launch a 20x20 raft to spend Labor Day off in a rural bayside, relaxing and watching fireworks, and the marina you put a deposit down at said you could not join the truckable raft portions together there. And the marina down the road has a beautiful 35ft wide ramp, but they installed a pier right down the middle, splitting it into two 15ft ramps?

There is simply no place oriented towards seasteading at this time. They are all part time recreational or commercial. And there’s no security at recreational places, and no living at commercial places. I saw a nice new boat ramp off the ICW in Coden, word was if you left the truck parked there overnight, the locals would remove anything from it they had the tools for. The commercial boat builder there was fenced with barbed wire, full time security guard, cameras everywhere, no overnight boaters and no seasteading allowed.

If you had a house on a property somewhere, and decided you wanted to spend a few years after retirement at national parks, you’d use your land as a staging area, you’d buy or build a thing of some kind to sleep in, and you’d stock it with supplies. You’d subscribe to some security service or other, and you’d leave and be gone a year or more. Seasteaders do not have that place to set off from unless they can buy it. You cannot rent such a place, because renters cannot leave the place vacant, or sub-lease. And on and on and on.

It’s a very real possibility i need to make multiple 1700 mile round trips to JL’s proposed site in Tx to launch, doubling my costs to get onto the water. Because i am not launching an 8ft wide recreational boat, i will launch a seastead or workboat, and i need a place to get snailmail.


Please,… How about this?

Or this?

You’re using a twisted definition of “seasteading”…