Intellectual Property on Seasteads


There are some great foreign options you might want to consider, @XanderMaxim.


I forgot to mention that in my last reply. Foreign films have a lot more going for them when it comes to creatively. The lack of internationally popular ideas in some countries ensures that creativity is prioritized. Even Chinese films are miles more compelling and entertaining than the drivel Hollywood produces, and they’re made in a country known for knock-offs and where free speech is nonexistent. Ironic isn’t it?

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Intellectual Property:

It is possible that someone high jacks a project, drives it into the ground,
and ruins the whole thing, abandons ship and leaves it like that.

I would want to differentiate myself from people.
A patent, copyright and brand name can protect.

Joseph Heller: Catch 22 : Major Major.
Why did Major Major have a rank of major? Because his first name was Major. Hehe-))

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Sorry about the delay. I agree with your concerns about the current patent system. I also understand that Edison would want remuneration for all of his hard work. And I’m not against him getting it, if he can. In a world where there are no patents, however, Edison would have had to come up with a different model for getting paid for his invention. I don’t need to come up with his solution (luckily), but my point is, a person’s failed business model isn’t my problem. If his model depends on government protection, that’s a failed business model, in my opinion.

I am, admittedly uneducated on the finer points of intellectual property, and am approaching this from a non-utilitarian perspective.


Let me play spoiler for a bit.

On the topic of laws, taxes, intellectual property etc. It is very important that SeaSteaders not violate actionable laws. For example, setting up a server and distributing movies, games, programs, etc. for free or money, a pirate bay would not be acceptable. Violating bank and taxation laws would not be acceptable.
In other words interactions, between the SeaSteaders and other countries have to be completely legal. If they aren’t, the States have a host of ways to eliminate the SeaSteaders.
A primary purpose of SeaSteading has to be to benefit everyone, we want Nations to welcome and invite SeaSteads in and help facilitate trade and communications.

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Nothing benefits everyone.

Some are always benefited more than others. I have not particular obligation to benefit anyone other than myself. It is useful and profitable to make yourself of use and benefit to others. But you can’t do that for everyone, or even lots of people exactly equally. And the laws of one nation are not the same as the laws of another; in many cases they directly contravene each other.

It is wise to avoid the most egregious of legal violations, simply for practical reasons. Most of these also have a moral component of some kind. But you can’t please all of the people all of the time.


Actually many things benefit everyone, that is the basis for capitalism, it benefits almost everyone.

That is the point of exchanging something, to benefit both people, who is to say who benefits the most? Or cares?

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If you start a venture with the idea that you will benefit everyone, you will almost certainly fail. If you start a venture with the idea that it must be of benefit to an identifiable market, you have a much better chance of succeeding.

You can’t be everything to everyone. It’s incredibly difficult to be anything to everyone. Focus on a core competency and an identified market.