IEEE type standard for platform interconnectivity?

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If/when TSI starts building their floating platforms I would hope that there could be some open engineering standards when it comes to connecting platforms to each other.

Some basic information such as width and depth of the sides to be connected, mechanisms for connection, any type of cabling, plumbing, etc that might require connection, buoyancy (height above the water), wave dampeners, minimum distance of any structure from the edge (to prevent collision from wave movement), location of pathways or walkways, etc.

This would be helpful for allowing interconnectivity while also having competing companies providing their own solutions.


I seriously doubt there will be any connectivity for additional barges.The ability to handle twice the mass, or more (pending further barges) would be beyond anything we have, that I know of. Easier to use telecommunications and possibly compensating gangways, if not outright needing transportation between them. One tropical storm might be enough to catastrophically damage one, or more, if the connection/separator fails… Not likely to take that kind of chance, on something this expensive…

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That is the whole point of TSI’s design.

Landluber's Guide to Seasteading Feasibility

The currently proposed prototype is for one very expensive barge.

The DREAM is to make and connect more. How that will work, in practice has not been developed beyond fancy artwork.

I’m just taking the practical side, here.

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Yep. A daunting task is not only getting the engineering right, but also the funding.

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There are already standards for connecting barges.

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