Idea for inexpensive air filtration system to clean the air

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To lessen the environmental impact of humans living on the Seastead or also improve the air quality if neighboring countries are not good stewards of the environment in regards to the air I have an idea that is inexpensive and may be useful to you all.

Air Filter Machine Design:

A vessel filled halfway up with water with an orifice or multiple orifices aligned below to waterline. These orifices have tubes connected to them which curve upward outside of the vessel and connect to a pan which is above the water level that is in the shape of a ring that wraps around the vessel. In that pan sits crushed zeolite stone. Inside the vessel in the water sits crushed zeolite stone as well. A fan motor sits on top of the vessel and draws air up through the water. The fan would have to be enclosed in on top the vessel to create vacuum pressure to draw air from outside the vessel and through the crushed zeolite, through the tubes and water. The fan would also have to be water proofed to prevent water from making contact with electrical parts.

If you’ve ever seen or used a tobacco water pipe it works almost the same way but the zeolite is in the ‘pipe’ and water. And no flame of course lol.

Why is such a air filtration device needed?

Filters are expensive and with this you just dump out the zeolite and water into the proper environmental friendly disposal area.

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Yes, nice.
Where would be " the proper environmental friendly disposal area." in the middle of the ocean?

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Good question! I couldn’t say off the top of my head but arguably any system requires disposal of filters or disposal of collected material from air.

The great benefit of my idea is to drastically lower the cost of air filtration if such a thing is needed.

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In the middle of the ocean saltwater desalination is probably a bigger issue, than air filtration.

But, I do not want to hijack the subject.

Back to air filtration. I have nothing to add.

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Sweet I found something else to think about :slight_smile:

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Zeolites seem iffy at best; to me it seems like an industrial waste product, of the aluminum
industry, that’s rebranded as a good thing. That’s just my take on the matter.

I think it’d be better just using water and forced air…

Though honestly I’m not sure why I even post here anymore, like has anyone benefited for posting good ideas via networking on this thing or am I a fool for throwing ideas into the ether idly?

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There is WAY too much nonsense on this site for it to be of any use to anyone. I mean really:

Even Spark saw thru that one! It’s as if no one considered relocating the seastead to cleaner air, or using electrostatic precipitators!

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You could just use the dirty zeolite as a concrete aggregate?


I agree. Plus, the quality of air offshore (even as little as 5 miles) is excellent.

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Yes the air is probably excellent way offshore. I just seeded an idea to this forum that didn’t have any value apparently so I apologize.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here and I took spark’s suggestion and started thinking about desalination.

Yes I understand there exists ways to desalinate water. Some are energy intensive and some are expensive. So the goal would be a low energy and inexpensive method.

I thought for an hour or two and came up with a possible way. I will post it later in wild ideas.

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I fervently hope that you thinking on this for an hour will push us past the currently used and known proposed methods of desalination! Have you contacted the Bill Gates Foundation for funding?

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I had a few ideas on this and would like to share the one I felt was most promising. I would love to be able to test some of my whacky ideas but have very little money and just to be upfront I do not ask for this either. I do not have one greedy bone in my body. I do not even understand how someone can be greedy it boggles my mind.

I am wrong on some things and some of my ideas fail but I enjoy the musing of different concepts. I treat it as a learning process and go back to the drawing board. It gives me the opportunity to pick the brains of others but sometimes comes at the expense of being ridiculed lol but that’s okay with me the net outcome is still another thing learned.

I don’t know much about the gates foundation or how they dessiminate innovation for the benefit of humanity. Is there examples that this is done? Would someone need a ‘Gate’ keeper or just publishing concepts online for everyone be most beneficial?

Pun intended.

What I mean to say is that anything I publish online I do so that if it proves useful or has useful parts is free for anyone else to explore, use or derive future patents from. I’m a firm believer in open sourcing technology especially if it is beneficial to humans. A little credit would be nice if some of the things I say work is all I ask.



Why not use seawater desalination to make water and clean air, both at the same time?

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I think this is the greenhouse scheme discussed several years ago for desalinating salt water, but i do not see where it makes fresh air.

I said “discussed several years ago”, but this institute for seasteading doesn’t have it readily indexed for further research.


Thing is the evap-desal requires mats for surface area, same as evaporative coolers, so, it’s GOING to act as filtration, but, it will also be growing algae and other stuff