Ice Forms & Concrete Cloth

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Project Habakkuk is an example of the premise of this idea, though I’m proposing that these vessels are built in cold climates with pycrete, essentially being the forms of the structures, then once completed moved to warmer parts and covered by Concrete Cloth which will absorb the moisture from the pycrete as the concrete cures. Wood pulp from the pycrete can be used as growing medium for green roofs, reused for other vessels, or used for other methods to be determined at a later point in time.

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33,000 cooling plants?
What a crock of shit.

I’m talking about geospatial areas that are already cold year round not some massive refrigeration complex. Plus that picture’s misleading, being that a diver is pulling on the side and the thing is not sinking, at least in that photo. Leave it to “funded” channels to poo poo everything. The show’s filled with a bunch of wankers to make the idea look ridiculous. I wouldn’t put it past them to cause the hole in the first place.

Remember how they made fun of this eh?:neutral_face:

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Hahaha phrasing I suppose.

Maybe the aggregate is the cloth itself? Though I suppose it should be called cement cloth if the cloth doesn’t technically count as an aggregate; though cement cloth just doesn’t sound as cool. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I like these lines a lot:

Maybe the aggregate is the cloth itself?

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I do not really get this, but it is interesting for an idea.
I will think about this.

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The show’s filled with a bunch of wankers to make the idea look ridiculous.

There are some wankers here too, to make any ideas look ridiculous by
ridiculing anyone. It is an ego kind of thing, “I know the best” .
Some people cannot bring their ideas into reality, so to make themselves look
legit, they have to rain on everyone else’s parade, and wank it down.

This seems to be a general human condition that prohibits progress.

Good luck!

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Unfortunately I know what you mean.

Ever look up perpetual motion? lol

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Perpetual motion? Not yet.
That second law of thermodynamics is a wanker.

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Bullocks, that’s just what the oil funded science programs want you to believe.

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What would you like me to believe?

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I would like to see a pic of your perpetual motion machine also.

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In this…

Donations are gladly excepted at my patreon website.

Maybe by a t-shirt as well?

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I haven’t made one yet; but I’d imagine it’s possible even if y’all take your facts from people who have invested interests it keeping you dependent upon you paying them monies. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I suppose if it’s perpetual it generates infinite watts. :grinning:

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It’s merely a matter of scale brother.

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