I think nations will invest in Seasteading

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Here’s why I think nations will invest in Seasteading.

Imagine highly valuable resources sitting at the edge of your territory in international waters. Now imagine the technology that’s being developed today allows you to float a concrete platform out and let people live on it. Might a nation attempt to place that on top of resources or territory that they want. Could a floating city, even a small one be used to claim even more sea territory? We already see today China building up fake islands to broaden their claims.

This issue of using floating platforms to colonize the oceans as a means of claiming territory will cause nations to invest in ocean colonizing technology and projects. The most likely projects to be invested in by nations are deep sea mines. The reasons are obvious- valuable resources. Another reason ocean colonization will get investment from nations is the ability to place semi permanent and permanent people in shipping lanes, and in places of importance on the oceans.

The good of this is that it will allow ocean colonization based projects to move forward and even get investment or at least backing by governments. The downside is that at some point ocean colonization projects and perhaps even floating communities will be placed in places of disputed claims between nations. This will also be nothing new. Colonial Spain and czarist Russia both maintained outposts in California at one point. Nations have always sought to claim influence or territory-everywhere and anywhere they can.

What do you all think???

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There is very little unclaimed ocean. IMHO, it’s going to take individuals building the frontier, just the same as they did all along, to bring governments into the realm.

However, once there is an established example of an individual, or family living tax-free, within an EEZ, the gov’ts will try to establish further control and initiate taxation, by any and all means they can think of. Once there is someone living government-free in the few open spots of international waters, there will be a scramble to see which nations can claim what. If it gets into a military conflict, then the formerly sucessful people will be eradicated, in the act of establishing dominion.

Once a seastead is profitable, corporations will begin to take over, within the EEZ, along with government and taxation.

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The interesting question is -

If everybody “broadens his nationalistic claims” what we do about the “overlapping claims”… shoot it out?

The only feasible solution - nobody makes claims - this leads directly to the concept of “freedom of the seas”

Anybody can use it - nobody can claim it (the oceans are not claimable by default) this simple fact of life and historic development is in the interest of all key players in a multipolar globalized world.

why all national law is dead law by default where the water is salty | the real factors that shape the freedom of the seas | to get a clear picture what is out there already and what are the limits of claiming see the case of brazil presalt oil fields | deep sea mining topic overview and status |

create real estate on the water is billion dollar business already for real estate developers

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Yes, for farming, mining, tourism, miscl resources alone.
Imagine huge aquaculture farms off Taiwan alone.
Or off HI?>
Huge impact on local economy.

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I was thinking the same in the context of scuba resorts for Belize, Australia).
Aquaculture in harbors or landside is not sustainable, China, Japan, Spain have a voracious appetite for seafood.

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sooner or later anybody will invest at some point in seasteading it is the only way to sustainability and survival on the planet

Mayor aquaculture producers at the moment…

The reason this seems **not to be a big topic** on our forums is probably because the thread participants are exclusivly from the "lost the train countries" figuring currently in the "other" segment... oceanic business will not happen someday is is happening now ... but some are loosing it... (the [big five](http://discuss.seasteading.org/t/oceanic-business-alliance-key-player-network-ocean-colonization/1385) of ocean colonization)

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Also without exception all listed countries (88% prod in 2010) are within this circle:

Indonesia for instance can only export about 10 % of its aquaculture production while Japan can only afford to export pearls while importing fish.

Higher population density appears to have trained these societies to get more protein from fish than other animals. Or fishing is more entrenched in those areas as that circle also has more coastline and waterways than any other region that size on Eartg (Europe would be second both in coastline and pop density). In a way that circle is like a window to an optimistic future. Extracting protein from vegetables is analogous: Soya beans have been cultivated in East Asia for centuries, then experienced great demand in late 20th century and is now an ubiquitous source of vegetable protein for all the World although not a very sustainable one.

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this whole post points out why I think the ocean colonization should become a part of the European project. I see it as a common effort activated to cope with internal identity crisis of EU and external pressures on it. it could be one of the few industry subsidies that would make sense. energy generation costs can be spread among phase 1 seasteads of different countries, which would make the required investment per future inhabitant very well manageable and in face of the future benefits easily justifiable.
I thnk of it as a government startup incubator with the successful ones taking of and making it to phase 2…
I am committed to this idea, I have written a political manifesto, I am now polishing the text and will publish it within a week or so. I want to start in the Czech republic, since that is my homeland and best place for me to gain traction. there are just so many benefits in the whole thing that every party can buy in, just to get over the initial “this is crazy” hurdle. For that, it would be great to have more info from the STI about the current state of affairs regarding the negotiations and the technology development…

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Nothing fake about them. They are quite physically real. They are artificial, which actually means created with skill. But china appears to be quite successful in creating new, real land and advancing a claim to it that is no longer being vigorously disputed by the one country most likely to have a legitimate dispute.

Legal trickery and historical precedent are quite powerful in claims of ownership.