I.M.T.A. - Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaponics (my concept)

(Chad Wiginton) #61

Can you investigate this? I’m at work. Go figure.



(Chandler ) #63

Since tilapia and various kinds of shell fish are also usable in an economic way via selling or bartering that would allow the seastead to produce several goods to help make it an independent economy.


Tilapia are freshwater fish., you’re talking Aquaponics, which would require an appropriate greenhouse.

Aquaculture is basically farming seafood. My IMTA is intended for seafood, but I’m sure, with appropriate selections, could be freshwater.

(Larry G) #65

True, but they are also more tolerant of brackish water than most, and my personal research indicates they can be acclimated to seawater levels of salt. I am not certain that they can breed in salt water; I suspect not.

Bottom line, there are MANY different kinds of fish that can be wild caught or farmed in the ocean, but the market only focuses on a handful of species. There are initiatives out there to broaden awareness and open new markets to lessen species-specific impact.