I have so many questions!

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Hello! Just stumbled upon your organization after seeing a headline that painted you in a rather harsh light. Luckily I did my own research and I can see what a potentially world changing idea this is! Experimenting with different systems of government is something I see as essential for progress, but I didn’t think this would be something feasible until we made it to other planets. Glad to see people hard at work to make this a reality before then.

So with my introduction out of the way, how would you suggest I go about asking the 12 or so very specific questions I have? (Yes, I’ve carefully read the FAQ)


Welcome to the aquarium. Waters vary, as do the people. One big help is the search function. Be aware that there are as many opinions as there are people in here, and more besides…

Nobody is an ‘expert’ on a subject that has yet to even see construction, let alone theoretical governments. Some of us have different levels of knowledge, based on research and development of various ideas.

Maybe just start asking? Like my drill sergeant used to say, the only stupid question is the one you thought was too stupid to ask…

There are several basic approaches to Seasteading. Those with goals to build cities and nations, and those that would start with homesteads, and let communities develop. Some see potential in older ships, and oil/gas platforms, others in new construction possibilities, be it large barges, like TSI, of basically new large ship-like hulls, for small families, like myself.

Take everything with a grain of salt, find documentation to help yourself form your ideas further. Do your own thing.

Jeff Frusha

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@eggershin | welcome - we are all waiting to hear your questions…

context: [Seasteading comes in many colors and flavors](http://nautilusmaker.discoursehosting.net/t/what-defines-a-seastead-many-colors-many-models/173)

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You will certainly get plenty of responses to your questions. At least we have hashed out quite a bit with arguments for years and years so at least the less complex questions have been covered at some point or another.

While the idea of trying new governments is certainly a long term goal, there are years of development between here and there. The first seasteads will be built inside protected government waters. So the extent of the “new government” trials would be about as advanced as setting rules in a marina. And most likely the most likely trial governments will be hashed out by those in those “marinas” rather than anything discussed on an Internet forum.

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Cheers, welcome to the forums. We are listening, feel free to ask :slight_smile: