Hydrogen Oxygen Fuel Production Via Electrolysis

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This has always seemed feasible to me despite all the oil funded people telling me otherwise.

Just like to know your thoughts about the matter.

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Yes, it is a good idea, in my opinion. The oxygen is useful for many things.
Hydrogen is a bit difficult to store, and it is possible to compress.
This will probably get some use.

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Titanium Electrodes yet there are other option depending on a few things https://www.finishing.com/432/83.shtml

I’ve been thinking a little about this.

use Electrolysis to create the gases (Bubble) for a Kinetic Power system.
Like this https://rosch.ag/uk_kpp.php#

It could be set up in such a way that be self-powering.

Bubbles are created, lift happens, power is created. Once gases reached the top of the chamber, they can be sent to a gas turbine to create additional power.

Put this system of the wind turbine and you have 3 power outputs. Brilliances :wink:

Any addition gas can be stored in unwater bags

I worked on this project as ROV Super.

Exciting to see these things happening

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