Hurricane relief


Not intending to draw attention away, but I’m going to help coordinate truckloads of supplies for the people of Houston on CB radio.

Find a need, fill it.

Would appreciate thoughts and prayers for the people of Houston and for those trying to help.



Barge with shipping container apartments?


Much as I hate HuffPo…

(Larry G) #5

They truly are stupid…

The barge itself is composed of interchangeable 40-foot shipping containers that can be assembled and disassembled at any time, meaning the structure can be taken anywhere in world on ships, trucks or rail cars.

No, it is not. It carries containers that could, potentially, be assembled in different configurations. It’s not composed of them. So the barge itself cannot be shipped on trucks and railcars. However, in this particular application, the lego analogy is not even close to accurate. Once you start cutting and fitting systems into conex boxes they are no longer identical, and cannot simply be ‘unplugged’, moved, and “plugged back in”. If you cut enough wall out of them, they are structurally un-sound without further bracing or the support of being locked (welded) together with structurally complete conexes. They are originally designed for vertical loading, and they don’t take side loading very well. Without the corrugated side steel providing a self-buttressing wall, they are not very strong at all. Every compromise of the side wall weakens it a bit- windows, doors, wide openings especially.

But anyway, the Google articles are 4 years old. The FEMA barge article- well, on the one hand anybody who is turning up their nose at being offered emergency shelter gets no sympathy from me. Find your own shelter and quit bitching that the charity offered isn’t good enough.

On the other hand… personally, I would never go voluntarily into a government run refugee camp, no matter whose. History shows there is too much chance of never coming out. A person who simply keeps their wits about them should be able to to do better than bleating at the government for water and fodder. A person who has bothered to prepare for entirely predictable things like, say; hurricanes in the Caribbean… that person shouldn’t have much problem at all.

And the only reason the FEMA barge is so ugly is because it was specified by government officials and presumably designed by committee and built by the lowest bidder. It would be entirely possible to build an attractive structure out of conex containers on an existing barge.

This house is right down the street (about a mile) from mine.

(Bob LLewellyn) #6

Yes, of course you can but do you know how hot those mettle container get in the direct sun?

(Larry G) #7

Indeed, I lived in them in the middle east. Much better than tents with the appropriate mods.