Huffington Post: "Oceantop Living in a Seastead - Realistic, Sustainable, and Coming Soon"

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I wish you all good luck, in this endeavor. Will continue my own efforts, here in Texas, toward a dedicated Incubator Site, for individuals/small groups, and my own concepts.

Might look at some of the NASA hydroponics stuff on recycling human waste to grow plants for food production. The more I research, the more confirmation of my own ideas, using a biogas digester for waste recycling, then following it with a combination of hydroponics and aquaponics, is the way to go for eliminating waste, keeping the environment clean, and not having to store, transport, or otherwise treat the sewage and food wastes.

My own efforts should see a small greenhouse with a digester of my own design. and both bio-hydroponics and aquaponics, within the next several months. Meanwhile, the search for an appropriate site continues. Hate to say it, but it’s liable to take another hard hurricane strike, to make Gulf Coastal properties affordable.

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@RandolphHencken | Congrats from Oceanic Business Alliance for this endorsement from Huffington Post - TSI definitly has lead the movement to something that is mentioned by key media in the same line with Elon Musk who is definitly investment worthy …