How would YOU make the Seastead special?

(Charlie Larsson) #1

I just found this project about a week ago thanks to IFLS and I fell in love with it the very first second I read about it since I attempted to write a novel about an artificial island to better humanity. With that came some ideas that I wanted to implement to my city in order to make it better than the rest of the world. Two of them being dozenal system (12 digits instead of 10) and the native language would be Esperanto. Some other ideas where to farm crickets and use aeroponics instead of traditional food and farming.

Numberphile on Dozenal

What would you like to see happen on the Seastead that makes it special and why? I’d love to discuss all ideas.


Everyone can come up with that special something, but what ultimately makes a community or place work, is doing things better which improves the lives of others. In short, not everyone can/should be Elom Musk, sometimes Eddie the cleaner is equally if not more important (especially on/in an enclosed space like a stead).

(Josée Lepage) #3

It seems that we are entering the noosphere! This is how I make Seastead special, by remembering this. For now :wink:

(Craig Pichach) #4

My thought is a seaspur using SCWG to harvest biomass (seaweed) for DME as an inexpensive diesel replacement for freighter/tanker refuelling. Waste energy is used to provide power. The crew quarters, foodstuffs, labor, etc portions of the platform are run as a libertarian republic. Eventually you expand into ammonia / urea production , greenhouses, fish harvesting and carbon fibre 3D printing that if you get cut off from the rest of the world you can last indefinitely.

(.) #5

Acronym Definition
SCWG South Carolina Wing (Civil Air Patrol)
SCWG Sustainable Communities Working Group (New Jersey)
SCWG Special Collections Working Group (various organizations)
SCWG Street Crime Working Group (est. 2004; Canada)
SCWG Security Certification Working Group
SCWG Scottish Co-operative Women’s Guild

(.) #6

Would you tell me what a seaspur is.


SuperCritical Water Gasification

(Craig Pichach) #8

Yes sorry supercritical water gasification.

A sea spur is a floating offshore platform. I think this would make a great place to star seasteading as is proven technology.

Given the Gasifier string does not need to make contact with the sea floor as on a traditional oil and gas platform the spur would be simplified.


Are you gonna grow the seaweed or use the naturally growing one?

Is this “replacement fuel” burning clean?

(Craig Pichach) #10


Depends on biomass availability. I assume that the seaspur is way in the middle of the ocean, preferably in the sun, that the best way to get feedstock is to throw some booms out and farm ulva seaweed. Some of the syngas could be used to produce urea which you then use as fertilizer for the seaweed farms.

DME is a clean burning fuel, if it is produced from biomass it is also CO2 neutral. Here is a report comparing it to other potential “green” maritime fuels. I like it better than methanol as it is non toxic and just requires an additional reactor.