How many more days left?

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How many more days left
till " no new posts will be allowed "

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22 days and 20 more characters

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that’s ok Spark, you can keep posting over at Floating Islands Forum

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Thank you!

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Cool Beans Spark! ! !
Last you were talking the details of actually launching an offshore operation. Maybe @conradkramer or one of the other 933 silent forum members and lurkers can help you figure out the details or plan a collaboration without fear of being terrorized.

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Good you have this discussion forum; so I do not have to
promote my yahoo group kind of blog:


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I’d say you do promote it too, I hear a lot of positive comments about redundancy in systems and how it’s not necessarily either or, but “all off it”

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Redundancy: one boat, TWO engines AT LEAST!!!

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Yes, the offshore operation is in progress.
No reason to offer any specific information in the public.

No news about Mr. Conrad Kramer.

Chinaseapirate must have gone to Texas.

It is hot here. I like it hot.

Cool Beans!!!

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We’re planning to close off new submissions on July 5th, 2018.

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“The greater independence results from the fact that /r/seasteading is independent of TSI. Since the mods at /r/seasteading are independent of TSI, there’s less potential conflict of interest when moderating topics critical of TSI.”

The explanation seems reasonable to me.
I would like to develop a dialog, and I respect others who do not.

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16 more days left till " planning to close off new submissions "