High School senior wondering what steps I should take to help TSI?

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I’m a currently a senior in high school and ever since I came across seasteading a year ago, I’ve been fascinated ever since. Not only do I think it is extremely important for people to explore this topic, I also want to help out in any way I can. The work would be so meaningful to me and ultimately that’s what I want in my career. I was wondering what classes or degrees I could pursue in order to help TSI? I love the idea of aquaculture and have started to look into what I’d need to do to pursue that, although I am just an 18y/o so I don’t know exactly what I want to do. However, I do know that TSI has sparked a huge curiousity so I’d like to explore possibilities in this field. I’m currently writing my senior research paper on the topic so I’m sure I’ll find information, but I wanted to get opinions from people within the community.

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It is good, that you are here. We will talk to you.
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Life Sciences, Engineering, Communications Technology- all good degree programs. In addition to education, also explore training- they are not the same thing. There is training specific to licensed mariners, emergency management training, security training, medical training (EMT, paramedic, nursing, CPR & 1st Aid for mariners) etc.

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So , this is a very new thing. It might take a while to get going.
Back and forth between aquatic living and land living might be necessary.
A skill, that could be used on both side might be a good one.

Hobbies are good too. Good luck. Write some more.


Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering would help you a lot, as well as potentially give others more access to those services. Quite a few of us are looking for help in those areas.

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Yes, that would be great.
Just there is an effect, that extensive studies require lots of time, effort
and money to invest. The only way to pay for that later is to work on the field,
and that is going to be only within the limits of the defined field standards.
In seasteading, I am looking for “out of box standards”.
I am trying to get out of the grasp of landlubber logic.