Hey Everyone, I'm Back

(Ben Flight) #1

Hey guys, Its been awhile since i’ve participated in the seasteading movement. A couple years back i was a part of a startup that never really got off the ground, but i’d like to see whats been happening and who has managed to get the farthest since i’ve been gone. I already know Wil, no surprise seeing him still active on these forums, but i’d like to meet more great people those of you that are actually accomplishing things, the dreamers who are also doers.

A little bit about me: I’m a designer and photographer from Los Angeles, and recently i’ve been moving around europe and been adding drone work, 360 photography and 3D scanning to my repertoire.

you can check out my website here:


Welcome back, just in time to say ‘goodbye’…

TSI is shutting down the forum…

(Ben Flight) #3

Noooo! Why? Are people giving up on the movement?


TSI is moving the conversation to Reditt and Blue Frontiers’ project has many of the TSI big-wigs on staff.

(Ben Flight) #5

That seems like a shame. The forums here have been almost exclusively filled with mature, exceptionally intelligent people, devoid completely of internet trolls which is not something you can say for basically any other site on the internet. Reddit is pretty much the exact opposite of that. If blue frontiers is now the frontrunner for the seasteading movement, maybe i should get in touch with them. But i should think keeping the community alive is the most important part.