Hello, im new here & looking to get more involved

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Hello everyone,

Im new here to the Seasteading forum. Im currently reading the Seasteading book by Joe Quirk (which is an excellent read btw), which is what brought me over here in the first place. Id like to get more involved but not sure how really. I’ve recently made a donation and will continue to do so since i believe in the Seasteading Institute. But what else can I or other people do to promote this great cause and help get it off the ground?


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Welcome! Keep posting. I would like to read your opinion.
I only saw the preliminary stuff of that book. I am glad to know the book works.



Pick a subject,the search function is your friend. I’m in Texas and trying to put together a startup off Matagorda Bay, for people to come build their idea and launch it, then have a support base for such things as mail, groceries and long-term parking, while living offshore. Looking for people that would be willing to move here and build.

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Sadly, that doesn’t help any seasteaders. Near as i can tell, anything  you do to help TSI has no effect on seasteading.

Do it. Literally, get off the ground. Build, buy, rent, borrow, collaborate whatever you need to be floating and living off the ground, in or on the water. Anything you do that succeeds will get publicity, and people will hear about what can be done, or at least what you have done.

Personally, i do not consider being parked on a boat in a marina to be seasteading, i see that as parked in a RV in a RV park.

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Welcome to the forums.

Joe Quirk actually ended up starting a seasteading company called Blue Frontiers and it is on track to have its first platforms in the water by 2021.

Right now the main focus is on the ICO for raising funds so creating content and spreading the word through the Bounty program is probably the best way to help.

You can read the white paper here:

I truly believe that if they reach their soft cap of 4000 ethers then the project will succeed. As of 2 weeks ago they were over 1000 and there has been a lot of activity in the past couple of weeks.

Here is just some of the media they have received the past couple of days:


Business Insider


News BTC

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Been done before, and no project succeeded. Mixing in unbacked fake currency manipulation does not make seasteading happen.

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Thank you for the links, and thank you for the information.

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What’s been done before? Media? Yes, that’s been around quite a while.


And you were calling me an old drunk??