Grouped islands instead of one huge seastead?


True and I stand corrected. I do remember reading about that too.

Back on the subject of “Grouped islands instead of a huge seastead?”, my view is that @ this point it doesn’t really matter.

LOL, lets get the first seastead floating and decide latter what to do with the second one (attach it to the first one or float it 500 yards “down the road”).

Personally, I had envision a modular seastead designed and built to gradually form a “hybrid closed-open lagoon floating atoll”. You start @ the bow with a “critical raft up mass” of 3 modules, and in time attach the rest. You can ad modules again and again and for ever.

The inner lagoon will provide an excellent recreational-business activities water access platform and the open lagoon astern will provide for an excellent protected harbor location for all your transportation (passengers and cargo) needs.

PS. Please don’t ask me how big the modules are,… Obviously, they are directly proportional in size to the depth of the developer’s wallet :smile:

(Bill Noyb) #22

Elwar, have you considered a tetrahedron rather than the flat-top triangular prism? Seems as if that would preserve all the modularity, give more space inside each one, and enable them to take the seas better.

(Chad Elwartowski) #23

Tetrahedron would be quite good for modularity but the volume for a tetrahedron vs a prism with the same surface area (amount of materials) is about half.

Whether or not that configuration gives more living space is another question but I would think with half the volume it would be limiting.