Greetings from New Hampshire

(Bill Noyb) #1

I am a retired software engineer, but keeping my hand in, just for fun. I have just developed an online voting system that uses the Ethereum blockchain’s smart contracts, along with a javascript web page interface, trying to make the electoral process more accessible and less expensive. I figure I will go into that in more detail in the Law and Governance category.

I have always loved sailing and being at sea, and am very interested in how we can use computing to enable the various aspects of creating and running an innovative community.

I look forward to the discussions!

(.) #2

Welcome Bob! I am glad you are here.
Thank you for the posts.

Best regrads

(Bob LLewellyn) #4

Bill, as chance would have it we were talking about using block chain to make voting at sea easy and secure. I would like to discuss your program with you, please contact me at

(Ron Spain) #5

Hey Bill_noyb. As a sometimes-coder, I am quite interested in your ideas. See you around.