Government of French Polynesia Signs Agreement with Seasteaders for Floating Island Project

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From left: Egor Ryjikov, Thierry Nhunfat, Joe Quirk, Karina Czapiewska, Randolph Hencken, Jean Christophe Bouissou, Montgomery Kosma, Suzanne Dokupil, Greg Delaune, Marc Collins, Michel Monvoisin, Chris Muglia, & Nicolas Germineau SAN FRANCISCO — On Friday, January 13, The French Polynesian government officially signed an historic agreement with nonprofit The Seasteading Institute to cooperate on creating…


Congrats on signing documentation to begin negotiating the seazone treaty. God-speed in getting it set-out and approved in short-order.

Jeff Frusha

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Congratulations!!! Wonderful news.

The more I think about this the better I like it.
I am very interested to read more about the details.

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Amazing! It made the front page in well known news agreggators with the pic of the floating city and all!