Geopolymer Concrete, the perfect seasteading material

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basalt fabric […] has highly similar properties to fiber glass…

Can it be used to make a surfboard? An avid surfer himself, Romo took his idea to a local board maker named Stan Lawrence, owner of Orchid Land Surfshop in Hilo.

A short while later, Romo had an answer to his question: Yes! And it looks incredible.

Using a thin sheet of basalt fabric supplied by a Rhode Island-based company called Smarter Building Systems, Stan glassed the unique material into the standing surface of one of his custom, nine-foot longboards.

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My basalt fabric samples arrived. Very interesting stuff. Lots of weaves and weights to choose from. Will be doing some experimentation.


Please let us know how those basalt fabrics work out. Can you make a video?

Also, how are those fabrics used? Are they like fiberglass cloth to be laid out with epoxy resin? Or are they used as a reinforcing material to be plastered as in a ferrocement construction?

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They are similar to fiberglass cloth. They can be used in resin or in cncrete. Concrete actually bonds to it unlike to glass fibers.

There are lots of types. All of my samples are small pieces for reference.

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I losing interest here, Geopolymer has many meanings, mostly “Rabbit Holes.” Many great solutions are available but not in this thread.