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Going Galt
The conservative version of “I’m movin’ to Canada!” Referring to John Galt from Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged”, Going Galt means leaving what you see as a society crumbling in on itself and going somewhere else to watch it all burn to the ground.

Tough talk from an Austrian ex-pat, run-off to South America, parrot-feeder, that built a substandard submarine that sank from preventably damaged seals and shows spalling from poor mortaring of the cement.

First, there has to be a determination of what is scientific vs opinion… Calling for opinions from the bleachers, when confronted with peer-reviewed documentation is NOT a scientific approach…

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So, put YOUR money where your mouth is and BUILD IT. Do it your way. Wade out into the water with your materials, build your floating construction platform, anchor it, use it to build the next phase and so on.

Me? Buying land and will setup a homestead as support base, and to demonstrate poo-ponics, that you ridicule, as both waste management and food source.

In addition, will be setting up shop to build a towable semis submersible and food supply.

Maybe a tad longer than someone else’s way, but I will be doing, not begging for, or demanding funds to support Elmo’s scams.

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The Hypothesis that there is no upside to talk to the “special segment” was coined and sustained earlier…( Joe Quirk - 16.Feb 2016 - ) there is no need for endless obsessive repetition.

What in the phrase “asigned to the segment we do not respond to” do you not understand… go away - this thread is NOT for you…it is for the other 540 users capeable of normal discourse and normal social interaction necessary to move a project forward…why don´t you open a thread for yourself instead of trolling and nonsensing mine…

What exactly on the term “no debate base” do you not understand ?

What on “do not expect to engage me in any kind of debate” do you not understand?


Hypothesis. Wil Ellmer isn’t smart enough to understand that this is an open forum, or even what that means.

Further… He thinks he can shoot every idea down that isn’t his, w/o deserving the same treatment.

Additionally… If someone proposes an idea, he shoots it down, then someone famous says it’s a good idea, he switches sides w/o any apology. For instance, MY suggestion of a FLIP like seastead and the later Bob Ballard piece endorsing exactly that…

I choose to warn people of your scams and historic, documented failure, in order that they can be educated on the fallacy of your claim to expertise. If the truth hurts, whose fault is that? Anyone can find pics of the sunken submarine of Lake Attersee. Heck, you display the ‘before’ shots, but fail to say anything about how the hull shows spalling after such a short time in very cold, freshwater, much less how much worse it would be in warm seawater. Took me digging the info out, to find that your hatch seal wasn’t properly recessed, so simple snoops damaged it, causing the sub to sink. I’d say your evidence of expertise sank in Lake Attersee.

There is NO debate. This isn’t the High School debate team, or some conference. This is serious, a situation where failure is literally a life/death issue. Negligence is also a punishable crime.

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• Seasteading is about interference freedom
• Seasteading is about geting rid of interference you do not consent
• Seasteading is about choice and opt in / opt out
• Seasteading is about Enlightenment
• Seasteading is about oceanic development

Back to thread topic : Galt’s Gulch is on the oceans | why we can not talk with everybody about our projects…on a 7,5 billion planet where many lunipit inmates (lost view of normal) have internet connection…

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Seasteading is the concept of creating permanent dwellings at sea, called seasteads, outside the territory claimed by any government. The term is a combination of the words sea and homesteading.


May I suggest that you use YOUR forums to promote YOUR cause, just as I use my forum to promote mine? HERE, we are on the TSI forum, and your constant aggravation and harassment of me and others, including the demand for funds and chasing people out of this forum, has led to this…

I WILL NOT refrain from warning new members of your failures and your demands for money. If that’s a problem, then take it up with TSI. I will NOT knowingly allow people to fall into your trap, which I ONLY got out of with helpful, and much appreciated ‘requests’ from TSI board members.

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Ok i see you will just go on and on … that is kind of unfortunate…the only solution i see is leaving the thread i opened myself …


Or just stop posting your commercial crap “over and over and over and over”, @Elmo.

Then nobody will have your commercials to which they’ll object.



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A vision how a small oceanic city can look like . (Matias Volco Design) The directional bow design allows to deal with ocean waves - so the development can leave the protected bays.

The Cartagena Floating City - it does not need a bow design as it is designed for the bay of Cartagena - the best protected bay of the Americas.

Check also on the TSI seasteading convention in Tahiti for the newest development in going Galt on the oceans.

The topic is recieving an enormous amount of press attention…

Bay of Cartagena

Cartagena is a Latin American Business Center

Best port of the Caribbean award 6 times in a row…

Hypothesis: Seasteading developments are driven by the real estate deal.

Hypothesis: The real estate value on a floating platform is driven by its closeness to a existing business center.

Distance to the center of the existing Land City : 3minutes in boat.

View from a Highrise to the floating marina of Manga Cartagena Colombia

Hypothesis: The next big thing in real estate is just a small step from what is “here and working” today already (Evolutionary Seasteading)

View from the sandy island of Tierrabomba over the protected and hurricane free bay to the modern Skyline of Cartagena (El Laguito)

Approach Cartagena from Sea…

Wilfried Ellmer | @nautilusmaker | port of CONTECAR | inauguration event

Cartagena Bocagrande

The Tahiti Seastead convention

Not true. Hurricane Matthew struck Cartagena in 2016


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ya i was there - remember it is my city- heavy rain from a hurricane passing out at sea is not a hurricane impact…type New Orleans…and La Guajira is 400 km from Cartagena - and not even La Guajira had a "hurricane impact just heavy rain from the by pass) to try to sell this as hurricane direct hit in Cartagena is ridiculous nonsense and making a fool out of yourself on public forum…

This is still a Frusha/Dohse free thread …do not intentionally mislead the auditorium twisting the facts …

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Hurricane Matthew killed at least one person and affected the homes of more than 18,000 families since passing Colombia’s Caribbean coast over the weekend, according to authorities.

The death was a 67-year-old man from the local indigenous Wayuu community in La Guajira who was dragged down a mud stream and drowned.

The primary damage at the moment is to homes and infrastructure, as the regions flood and rivers overflow their banks.

The hurricane has primarily affected the coastal provinces of Magdalena, Bolivar, Atlantico, La Guajira and Sucre, the director of the National Risk Unit told Caracol Radio.

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Seasteading technology | ocean colonization | light honeycomb shell construction |

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Funny, I document facts and you accuse me of the very things you are most guilty of…

Feel free to continue. I will certainly continue to document the facts and truth.

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Light honeycomb structure | light truss structure | ocean colonization key technology | get connected |

Hypothesis: The task is to solve the technology bottleneck

Work Hypothesis: Floating light concrete composite shell construction is solving the bottleneck.

context: get a foothold in ocean colonization technology

get a foothold in ocean colonization technology | @nautilusmaker | Matias Volco Design

. .




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