Frying Pan Tower on the Auction Block


per their recent post on Facebook:
“There’s a rumor going around that we have sold the tower…Nope! Not yet :wink: but there will be an auction soon with a minimum starting bid of $10,000 just like the government did when they sold it! Tell your friends, spread the news and stay tuned for details here first! Richard”

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This would be a great start for TSI to put a few bucks (or bugs, if you are in Columbia) where their mouth is. Trail a mooring line in the current, form floating breakwater tests around it, sell groceries etc to passing boats. I was interested enough to have sold this property to move onto Diamond Shoals tower years ago, but knew only one interested person alive who was also interested. Frying Pan was always above my financial straightjacket, but when DS sold, and they asked for volunteers, i offered 100ft of ladder, i offered electric winches, i offered 120/240 generators, i offered welding and electrical skills…… but no one ever replied to my emails.

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Thank you for your post.


I was going to bid $15,015.15 on Diamond Shoals until I saw how damaged the structure was. It sold for $17,200. I then found an obsession with private islands. However, that’s to I have seen the unique ecosystem beneath the tower and am interested once again.

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I agree it’s damaged. But if the topmost bracing member welds are intact, i believe the missing waterline parts can be adequately replaced surprisingly easily, even relocated slightly, avoid the existing weldment sites, and to allow small boat traffic under the tower in calm seas. I worked out how to repair the caved in kitchen floor, and later easily fix it properly. I was horrified they installed a rope ladder, and then welded ladder to one of the legs, and welded “toe stubbers” to the helo deck. I believe it is imperative they get ultrasounds of the legs at and below the waterline. At this time, i do not believe there will be a group of people with skills who can work together on keeping DS together and in service to seasteading.


Agreed. DS is in immediate need of expensive repairs. The current owner is not the best, when it comes to responding to correspondence. On the other end of the spectrum was Chesapeake Tower that sold for over $200K. I wonder what FPT will go for.


Bidding on FPT is now live!

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I wish i could buy it outright. Or swap it with this place. I am deathly afraid of being part of a group effort tho, been burned too much too often by too many. I hope it’s put to good use, it has intrinsic legal features not available to a boat in the same location.


I feel obligated to at least bid $15,015.15 just for old times sake.

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Good luck!

Do you have any idea why he is selling it? What claims do the past volunteers have on the structure or the hotel business on it?

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If you want to get it, fine. Too far for me.


Yesterday’s high bid was an even $25K. Tonight’s high bid was $33,333.33.

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Thank you for that information.

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Yeas, seasteading really missed the train when not grabbing Diamond Shoals as cheaply as it went. Feel free to imagine me cussing strenuously at TSI.


Be glad you can’t. Whoever is buying that rust bucket is plain and simple wasting his money away. I can go on and on and on with factual arguments against that “investment”.

The first one being, Why are they selling for dirt cheap if such a “gold mine”?


Because they aren’t trying to do the same thing.

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Who called it a gold mine?


Well, go buy it then. Take a mortgage.

“Frying Pan Shoals Light Tower is a decommissioned lighthouse located approximately 39 miles southeast of Southport, North Carolina and 32 miles from Bald Head Island, North Carolina.”

Have you ever been “out there”? I did, in the winter. Only 10 nm offshore,…A BITCH, blowing 30 knots, 15 feet swells. Better have cash for that helicopter,… What you have left is from May to September to seastead. It’s call the Atlantic Graveyard for a damn good reason.

C’mon now…

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Great test site for the open ocean then, eh? And eight months of peace and no regular people!


You’ll notice the Gulf of Mexico isn’t part of the radioactive Pacific, nor is it part of the frigid Atlantic that you’re complaining about…, however, it IS hurricane-alley…

If I had the funds, I wouldn’t be trying to raise them now would I?

However, I bring other things to the table. Everyone in here knows I want to do this and that it would push the whole thing into reality of DIY scale Seasteads/Gulfsteads.