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I recognise the lyrics, but a boat that rocks in the waves will not do my back any good. I would not set foot in that boat if there was a chance of waves. It’s just too painful.


Sorry to hear that. But even a much larger seastead will see heavy wave action…

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Only if it is in the waves.


Dahhhhh,… Where the f— is it gonna be? In a bath tub??

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I don’t want to lose an ally as far as “living at sea” on the cheap, but I could prove you wrong. Go look look carefully down in the ravine to starboard as you drive (on a visit to California) west on Olive Hill road from Bonsall, Ca to Fallbrook. Near the big hairpin turn. Below you will find remnants of a 32 ft “power trimaran”.Materials were less than $1000.00. Home depot 7/16 plywood and 1 x 2’s and 1x 3’s and a 5 gallon epoxy kit from Systems Three ($255 - 1992). About 150 hours build time. (that doesn’t count does it?). The trailer was a $50 Hobie 16 frame. I had a 1750lb axle put on and extended it with a 10 foot 2.5" sigle pipe foward and some flimsy C hannel on the back to support the tail lights. Once 1/2 way out of the water I tightened it to pipe near the bow with a 2" come along, pulled it the rest of the way out of the water., Then another strap to cinch the flexible trailer frame flush with hull, tight. Then 1 more strap down tight over the axle on a 12" custom padded plywood box the shape of the 14 degree or 132 degree slightly rounded VEE hull (like the bottom of a long windsurfer… With a 55hsp $1500 used it barely did 20mph, not as fast as the Chris Craft but into 4-5 foot waves maybe faster because I had no need to slow down, The boat weighed 1000 lbs and was permanently “bare boat” Full forward deck short cabin and above waterline (lobster boat) stern floor. No its Criss Craft but if I had a 100 hsp air cooled pancake engine and the right prop instead of the Johnson commercial I probably could have hit 35+knots. In a 6 PAX 500 mile range “sportfisher”, not that have went out to Cortez Bank or even up the coast to San Francisco in it but it was definitely tough enough to carry some weight. Still not a comparable liveaboard to yours but a hell of lot cheaper and faster to go anywhere in. Other end of the scale - the 57 foot tire pontoon boat above. Designed to withstand limited fetch huricanes, 4knots with a 10hsp outboard…but immensly better liveabaord and not to much labor if your counting $25/hour for self build, about 100 hours not including tire collection.

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I really like the ringweave used as a “breakwater”. you could build a mid ocean marina out of it. Massive floating surface area and incredibly massive underwater vertical drag to stop any type of wave, even a tsunami if you want to build for that…oh sheet, would you have to? It might have so much drag to partially “break” a deep water tsunami…anybody know?

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Either/or, scaled WAY down, or altered versions thereof.

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Video of tsunami on deep water shows it to be very small, inconsequential. The one that was 20ft on Aceh was barely even 5ft when it was still out approaching the beach.


That’s a very weak argument to prove me wrong.

I’m at 6800 lbs, single screw 230 HP engine, brand new batteries (house and starting), galley w/sink, running water, propane stove, AC/DC refrigeration, v-berth, dinette, berth across all new upholstery, head with shower, hot/cold water with water heater, holding tank, compass, knot meter, stereo, VHF, Garmin GPS, bimini top, anchors, etc.

I’m into building seasteads from ferrocement (if under 100’ LOA) or steel reinforced concrete (if over 100’) not tires.

Not because I dislike tires, LOL, but simply because a tirestead will never, ever get a Coast Guard commercial license.

If you cannot make money with/on a seastead, it’s not sustainable. You’ll be just living aboard on that seastead. Then what’s the point of building a seastead? I can just live aboard on my boat,…


Trailerable, potential DIY, the ideas are already here…

Jeff Frusha

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Yeah I saw one says the wave was traveling at 600mphor something, you could bareey see the vessel rise slowly and had such a long wavelength. I’m just scratching my head to conjure up some way to search this for info of what really might happen if a big one ran up to a square mile of floating reef with millions of tires under it… A 15-20 foot solid whitewash over the entire square mile of habitation?

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A seastead is a place to live, with room to go walkabout, or take up a hobby. A boat is a transportation device, like a car. Not going to live in a car.


You’re taking it out of the sustainability context.

No, a boat is not like a car and it’s not just a “transportation device”. A boat it’s also an oceanic habitat because has everything needed for you to live on when you go for weeks on a crossing,…

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Same as a car or van driving cross country, i don’t see your point.


Whatever nonsense redefines irrationality.

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Ok, thanks.

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Well you got better resale value for sure, probably 125%…And definitely more volume /ammenities for liveaboard, and faster in most instances…but I wasn’t really trying to compete with your boat, more like the “any boat” that I could buy that would be better for 4 - 6 pax 2-3 day fishing trips. Including 8 miles/gallon at 14 knots.
You guys think and write faster than me…I have to look up how to spell and try to make sense. I got masters degree reading ability and freshman high school writing ability. last grade I got a “C” in…Our schools were at least twice as good as they are now though.
No doubt used tires are not certifiable :grinning:but I believe they could be formed with sea worthiness, footprint, and cost as #1,#2 and #3 design criteria better even than lightweight concrete with bamboo reinforcement. I saw the ramform floating island, read the whole thing a couple days even before I ran across the ringweave technology. If that ever happens maybe I could get a job there cleaning algae off of the yachts. But he needs more than 15 million I would imagine to get the initial ram in the water before they could use first world construction methods, materials and probably would never be certified anyways,I’m guessing. The tires can act as a financial motivation to try something, START even. Aesthetics can be overcome at a later date. Out of respect to Spark, I won’t give a “quote” on construction but I would certainly not refuse an offer to suspend 14,000 tires under my expensive “free pontoon boat”. In fact he has stated without any reasonable contradiction that the tires could “rest” on the bottom. I have realized that he private yacht utilizing the “anchor” could still be navigable utilizing an antiquated propulsion method of “kedging”. This totally blows wide open the “cost” design issue, if you think about it a little. And who should be responsible for the “littering” ticket if anything should go wrong.:star_struck: .


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Chinaseapirate is always welcome in ring wave action.

Tires would sink on their own, but with a little help, they would float.
It might need a bit of polyurethane foam from Home Depot.
You know, those spray cans with the tube attached ($2 or $3 a piece)

I am interested about publishing any quotes, and other ideas.

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It’s all good. English is not my native language. I just learned it here after I turned 20 years
old. I did not learn any English in high school.

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Those cans will get expensive. Perhaps you can take up more space with pressurised 2-liter bottles pressed in where the inner tube goes.

Or, seal over the big holes in the middle with metal plate attached with screws or bolts?