Follow the money

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Wil, I appreciate that English is not your first language.

I take it when you say “bang for the bug” that you mean “bang for the buck”.
And when you say “mayor” you mean “major”.

Also note that there is a spell checker in here that underlines mispelt words in red,
So “adress” should be “address”, ‘basicly’ should be “basically” and “defintly” should be “definitely”.

If you are going to do a number of edits to your advertisement, why not correct the wording and spelling in those edits. At least it would look more professional.

Just some free advice. Take it or leave it.

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…actually i like it better my way…thanks…i am here to have a different kind of conversations with a different (and quite selected) segment of the 820 users of this forum…

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The ones who will give him money, no one else.

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…the ones who have shown by the smartness of their posts that they are “talkworthy” and do not qualify for the “timewaste” category… :grinning: - time is money…

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You were involved in Marinea, weren’t you? You were involved in low cost floating housing in Columbia, weren’t you? You were involved in making and selling concrete narco-subs, weren’t you? How is all that working out?


I figured that out and along with it a place for others to build. Nobody wanted to toss in a dime, even though all I needed was help for the Down Payment and closing costs. Nobody would commit, even after I did all the legwork and willingness to commit 20 years of financing out of my own pocket

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I was outside marking and cutting steel again today. I’m going to have another  boat and no place to get it’s bottom wet! Does it count as a boat launching and seasteading if i put lawn sprinklers on the ground under the boat, and keep it wet?


Too me, that seems to be the least of your problems. Any DIY boat construction (personal use) in US has to be approved by the Coast Guard. Meaning that the final “product” has to be inspected by CG, and if it’s OK, they will give you paperwork saying that, and now you can register with the State you are in, or federally document that vessel. That’s the law. And it’s a good law.

Did you contact your local CG and ask for the DIY building requirements? Are you building at such standards?

Maritime Law it’s pretty complicated and strict. Building a boat-seastead it’s a complex process, and if you don’t know the in and outs of it, your product will be sub-standard and will not be able to operate you boat-seastead.

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I registered and titled my last boat. State “Marine Police”, not USCG.


While I agree with certain points you made, Larry, the whole subject of poverty, not only in the US but World wide seems to be much more complex then a matter of “lifestyle” or “cultural outlook”.

And I’ll leave it here since this is not the subject of this thread.

My personal belief is that seasteading is an alternative lifestyle, for now. If you present it as “this lifestyle” to this audience and it rings a bell, you could have Blue Frontiers.

If you present it as “that lifestyle” to that audience and it rings a bell, you could have That Seastead.

All “seastead-verses” are created equal as conceptual entities, in my book. Well, given that they are not just pipe dreams,… The rest it’s just a matter of execution of a comprehensive seasteading plan. No guarantees included, of course.


Without proof, that’s a defamatory statement… No matter to whom you addressed it here at TSI.

Why turn yourself into a liability?

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That’s not really a 15 million dollar website you got there, and over population is a lie; we did have 2 major world wars not to long ago that significantly reduced our numbers. Your fear porn’s sub par too and I’m insulted that you consider the libertarian party worthless. Getting TV is a waste of time; anyone who’s still watching that probably can’t afford giving you money anyways. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have ideas; but what’s in it for me?

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The lifestyle described above is not poverty. It is low class. If you can afford housing and vehicles, you have so much food that you need to diet and make up exercise to keep fit, you are not in poverty. Poverty is not knowing where your next meal comes from, not whether you can afford a new car.

But the over-extended credit lifestyle of most Americans is a cultural and personal choice.

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You omitted the “?” i had at the end. It was a question. The fact is, he could not launch the one in Columbia that we know of. And why not? Per the title of this thread, did anyone “follow the money”? He said it was a seastead when he lost the original sale of it, but it had less living space than a VW microbus. If it was a great idea, why didn’t he live in it?

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He said so. And he has a street address.


Ownership of vehicles does not indicate wealth. I have 3 vehicles: a 35 ft RV, a Ford Expedition and a DOA Subaru Forester. Minor repairs I can afford, replacing the engine in the Subaru, not so much. Will be lucky if I can afford to throw $200 at a rebuilt carb for the RV.

Many people in the US and Europe live in vehicles, in abject poverty. Personally, I live above legal definitions of abject poverty, have a steady income, even full coverage healthcare, but I have no idea where meals between now and the 1st will come from.

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The garden! The garden! It’s sad that urban areas are not set up so people may have garden space to do the most basic been-done-for-10,000-years feed themselves without regard to a for profit grocery store. Part of some people’s desire to have a garden on a seastead is because of this “food insecurity” on land where they are now. If you have no money, people will stand by and watch you starve. It’s not usually a culture or a choice to starve. Even if on a boat with a net and a longline, your fridge may die, the fish may not be biting, you may be out of bait, the water too polluted, but you can still eat well enough with a garden on board. To me, if you have a roof, you should have some form of solar assisted power, water treatment, or food growing up there. Else you are wasting money merely to create shade. In my opinion. Caveats may happen. Batteries not included. Your mileage may differ.

PS: I lived in my car for years too, not by choice. Mostly because of “policy”: $2000 down, it’s upstairs, no parking within 1/2 mile, 30" skinny doorways, we don’t talk to people like you, the real estate office is not accessable, and the real head-scratcher was “we don’t rent our apartments to homeless people”.

PPS: I live in an area where gardens are so white trash. And solar panels are stealing from the power company and make you immoral. And having a burn barrel smoking 24-7 is the norm.

PPPS: So i don’t know of a place i can afford to live where humans won’t cause trouble, unless it’s on a boat such that they don’t know where i am.

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context :

How can the poor who live in trailer parks, and are in search of the next meal, participate in the seasteading movement - do a Google search for:

poor man´s floating island

It is not true that the poor don´t have a role and get marginized in our venture by default...

You are barking up the wrong tree…my group did a pilot project specificly for the segment of the poor - and it looks promising…

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There are other costs for living on water, financial and social. For instance, fuel costs, getting your pricey portable outboard engine stolen at the 'stead or at the marina dock, the laws about dropping anchor, the marina rules for transient slips when you must be on land. Near as i can tell, if you have money to “get by” in a mobile home park, you will have less money in your pocket if you move onto a shantyboat tied up for free in river or swamp in the usa.

But, yes, building a small enough boat to live on can be cheaper than building a car to live in. Or a van you can stand up in. I am not against such boats, but i’d bet the cheaper they are, built by uneducated people with no skills, the less they will survive the ocean. Sowa lost his first island, all over the place, and in the same situation again, he’d lose the second one too.

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sure to sort out those “general logistics issues asociated with living on the water” we provide a infrastructure and support network that is built for permanent living - not for boating … that is the point of a floating home development…Richi Sowa is no reference beyond the curiosity factor- the approach can, and must be, SUBSTANTIALY improved to work as a housing development…

On the topic how this can be achieved - Google up the term “advanced light cement based floating honeycomb structures”