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This is the location. land of 3-4 inch draft fishing boats so they don’t get stuck if the tide goes out too fast. Now I realize some of or viewers and contributors still “champion” thought processes developed during the “civil right” movement era,so just for the sake of “fiction” and not arguing the value of discriminating, suppose the two characters in this video are out feeding their extended families of sixty and they mostly all live in a trailer park except uncle Julio and aunt Yolanda have a home and a yard with a few boats in it. Julio is a “licensed” landscaper or mason (a totally ridiculous concept shoved upon the public), and its his brother Jose (no job (like me) but is satisfied with his life based upon the fact that he can stack bricks twice as fast as his brother and actually showed him how to relocate aloe vera plants and cactus 15 years ago before the government seized the lands and made him a “poacher”. he won’t pay traffic tickets, property taxes, child support, or any other bullshitas he knows he is right and “they” are wrong), and his son Julito (works at 7/11 at $7.25/hr) are the ones shown fishing in 11-24 inches of water.

Although I’m just not accustomed to the “country voice” the music is not all that bad.

           This is the "market" for nearshore seasteading, along with cut rate 6-pack charter captains and temporary visitors to South Padre island who don't want to pr $50-70 a night/pp for a room in season or $25-40 out of season. Everybody saves 60-75% of their regular "rent/slip rental" budget by joining the "club". And everybody, who likes fish/seafood can cut their food bill in half also. Some residents who can't even get minimum wage jobs have a convenient base of operations to sell hotdogs/fruit/beverages/sunglasses/firewood/fishing gear...etc, as they can just walk or push a 10$ inflatable air mattress loaded with "goods"  to shore. Part time artists who can't quit their day jobs now can rent their house out, quit their stinking job and still pay into their "benefits" hiring themselves to do whatever they want. Laguna Madre is only about 1/2 the size of Manila Bay so figure it can support 1/2 of 25million maybe less cause the water isn't as deep, say 10,000,000 at a truly competitive rate of $17-20 per person "yacht club" dues quarterly. 

Just GOT to hit the “regulators” too hard too fast.

Can you imagine them trying to regulate and distinguishing between the newly banned “yacht clubs”, the “illegal” new floating cabins (previously banned), the totally illegal floating gas stations/banks/supermarkets…I can’t
After a while with enough cluttering of “yachts” in the way it would no longer be necessary to use used tires/bamboo and other buoyant waste materials. A simple concrete pillar with compacted waste(very little considering the anti-consumer that would flock to the community) inside would probably become the foundation of choice.

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This looks like the Fish-shaped island described by Richi Sowa as the evolution of his first experiments.

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Fish shapes do look like fish. I woke one morning with the image. It it also very similar to a wing mast section I drew 30 years ago. I don’t think the fish shape will do much hydrodynamically, and it more than likely would be a little more efficient sailing(propelled) as a plain old circle a with the same area, but I expect some discussion with “authorities” as to whether or not it is a “floating cabin” so I figured the more it looks like a “yacht” the better. Plus it has shorter “unsupported beams”. Is Richi Sowa a follower of TSI ?

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well this is a tricky subject. For example, and as precedent, did you know floating Tiki Bars are required by Law to have horns?

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No. I’ve only seen Texas driving a commercial truck, well maybe I 10 in a few cars… Whatever the design turns out to be It can’t require Coast Guard documentation…I’m seriously thinking of checking the boxes on a recreational registration as human powered / other- “raft” / length = 65 fth (fathoms)…

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His projet is a much cited inspiration or precedent because it is more easily recognized as “something else” than the existing global marine infrastructure.
Sowa island in this context

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II don’t know if Texas is so much freer than Florida, doubt so since Florida and Alabama used to be the only states with unregulated private coral reefs, but in any case, a human powered floating tiki bar apparently is legally required redundant horns and sound surround sytems.

speaking of following the money, what is a Minimum Viable Floating Business?

A 27,000 Dollars Floating Tiki Bar is still quiet inexpensive commercial real estate for virtually any first row seafront in Florida, and yet there is such ingenuity in this forum that I wonder if that price tag can be beaten.


Texas regulations require all sorts of things.

The only way I have found is small stuff, like canoes and kayaks, on up to moored boats w/o any form of propulsion, even the ‘ship-like’ hull designation of the USCG and USACE, but it still has to meet all the other regulations… horn, marking lights, flotation devices and life-vests, etc.

To put that in context, I wanted to tie a hull in the Colorado River as a guest room/escape-hatch from the house (5 kids, 6 dogs, up to 15 cats,…). I did the research and found the way to do it, then the Landlord started screwing with us (cheap-bastard from California kept hiring the crackheads to work on the place even cheaper than the illegals, then he’d try to swap rent when they needed a place to stay…)

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Beautiful! Thank you for another uplfting contribution with bonus seasteading-related information and opinions. I’ll note that even in heavily regulated Europe people tie small floating huts in rivers and canals, with varying levels of interference


Then you already know about the CEVNI – European Code for Inland Waterways

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Wow! I must of scrolled past that clip 3 or 4 times without watching it. Amazing. He was a carpenter - I was floor installer, He likes plastic bottles, solar toilets, eating flowers, and using pallets and other recycled materials, has foreign wife, builds boats, and no “job”. I have all this in common. But no way I could do an “interior” like his… I can build what I can draw, and I’m still at “stick figures”, and slab sided multihulls…but a “tire yacht” its actually too simple to screw up. I thought mangroves only grew in brackish water…

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Yes man, he even envisioned the evolution of his experiment, and looks like your fish, or our ramform. In post 60 Wil describes the rocks that Sowa would put in the “head” of the fish-isle - and how to prevent break-away.

With flexible cooperation anything can be achieved!

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I’d been asking myself the same, Apparently some species tolerate 100% seawater but I’m not sure if this occurs naturally, like the floating vegetation rafts that hhe describes.

We humans would have to simulate a shelter for them, or we can simulate the fiibers of a mangrove root.



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wow you’re faster than google. Thank you Jeff

According to your pdf mangroves can grow in seawater if sheltered. They could work to fill in the lagoons of a floating island and create a central park of increasing structural resiience

This might take a few decades.
Or we could reverse engineer the way plants grow into stable, increasingly resilient structures.