Follow the money

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Today is April, 2018. We began to organize our efforts 3 years ago this month and it looks for all the world like we are back to where we stared with little energy to make anything work.

While The Seastead Institute was focused on designing a floating island, the east coast group (forum) thought to begin as a collection of individual boaters on smaller platforms. We thought to begin as old western towns began - with a handful of necessary businesses such as a general store, restaurant/bar and other such concerns.

We thought to begin with barges until the Seastead Institute had designed and built their floating island. While looking for candidate barges, we found one already decked out and designed 90% of what we thought that we would need. It was over priced but it would take years off of our pilot project.

We had some pretty good minds working on this rather simple concept but the website is just about all that remains. What was missing? We knew that we had only a little money and the project would take far more than we had to begin with. We however believed that if we could get TV news time, we would find both investors and a customer base. This is where I failed. I was counting on a group of people that would ‘in theory’ benefit the most by helping us with a little publicity.

I can now tell you what not to do. The libertarian party is beyond worthless and they also lost my support. TV news is one way to make the project take off, the other is to get a large financial backer that can start us off with $15 million. Once we get going, we could pay the initial start up money back but it will take some time.

All of our projects take start-up money and a little public exposure. When even one breaks through, the dam will have been breached and there will be quite a flood afterwards. But how can we break that ice? We have some of the most creative people on this forum that I’ve ever come across before. I think we just need to identify the obstacles to starting a simple homestead gathering then fix it. This group can do it but we have to turn our focus to getting the first boats into the water. How to make a floating island is a distraction at this moment, we need a visible community to begin in the Caribbean area so more people will think to get involved.

We need a financial backer or TV news exposure. Is there any other ways to get the first boats in the water?

All ideas are open but bake-sales are out. What about loans? Anyone know about this angle? Please let us hear your ideas.

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What about the Youtube?

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I am guessing the reasons to leave land were not strong enough to overcome the obstacles. People in other countries have pitched a tarp over a canoe and lived on that when things didn’t work well on land.

In the usa, there’s also the issue of the laws. By Homeland Security rules, you can no longer specify a destination as “going whereever the current pushes until whenever”.

And it’s stupid to make a 8ft wide monohull which can travel on the highway to the launch facility, but there’s no place to haul two 8ft hulls to pin together and then launch a 16ft wide seastead hull (same goes for length, height, and weight dimensions).

True, but you lost me when you wanted recognition from the Bahamas government first, and then switched to a concrete non-flying saucer aground in 15ft of water facing open ocean. When i voiced disagreement, the antipathy i recieved forced me away, and turned me solidly against joining a group.

The good part about you being back to square one with nothing to show for the years, is perhaps you can find places on the water where people can get their feet wet, can visit to see and talk to the seasteaders launching and provisioning. Every marina i know of is about making money, or making rules. For instance, no parking overnight, no security guards, and the nice 30ft wide ramp is blocked into 10ft lanes by steel posts.

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Hi Bob;

Thank you for the communication. Sorry about things did not take off.
$15M is a lot of money, that I do not have.

Loans: the usual ideas; people can lend their money, or then can decide
not to lend it.

Here is OK. I was out on the water with a paddle board on Sunday.
I have an old wind surfer board with no sails, and I have a pair of kayak
paddles. One end of the paddle broke off. All that fits in my van. I like the water.

I wish you well, and I wish you good luck!



So, basically, you want free advice, again, LOL?

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There is lots of free advice everywhere, here too.
Tire recycle in California, and ring weave the tires for a floating something,
or for deep see mooring. There is money in picking up waste tires.


WasteStead, anybody? :blush:

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That is OK, I’ll talk to you when you sober up.
Is Cathy there with you?


What do you want to talk about, Sparky? Seasteading? :smile:

Here we go. This could be a good seasteading start up point:


Which is why I’m trying to go into an unrelated business, to finance land and try to setup an incubator site, a place that folks can come build smaller, with water-access to the GoMex…

Even if nobody else ever comes down, I’ll have space to build mine.

Looks like a 3D printed model of mine will be made in the next 2-3 months, then I can begin testing the model and maybe get scaled up to wave-tank size testing.

(…, but it’s ‘just’ a yacht’…)

What else is there, built to purpose (mine) in a verifiable attempt?

Yes, it’s a years-long process, nothing worth having is easy.

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Yes, go for it. Good luck.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #12

@ForexBob | Bob, how about trying a DIFFERENT approach… (than a 15 M steel barge)…it is all about having a | successful phase 1 investor conversation | …(and get reaction B instead of A…) a steelbarge will always be “just another steelbarge” thousands of those are “out there already” … barges like Quicksilver run successfull (day tourism) business models as we speak…so repeating that in Cay Sal is basicly a pointless repetition of something that is here already…(and investors will not give a dime for - literally)

Hypothesis: need to do something “cutting edge” with potential to get investors interested …

The interesting questions : how will you change your paradigms and proposals to make the project successful after having this "learning by failure experience"...

What does the rest of the original marinea team before the “bob split” | @Matias | @Elwar | @ellmer | @MarkStephan | think is the “lession learned” - anybody willing to share ?


I didn’t say I want to do that, yet.

But thank you for the “go for” advice and best of luck to you too on your seasteading endeavors.

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I didn’t say, I didn’t say, I didn’t say.


Wow,… U are gone, too,…


So far, following the money has been:

influx to TSI
outlay on promotions, book-tours, travel all around the planet

…and no place to build anything for the people in this forum, sponsored by TSI, many of whom have also sent funds to TSI.

(Chad Elwartowski) #17

I think the key is to show investors you at least have something first. Blue Frontiers gets all of its traction due to the MOU with French Polynesia. Otherwise you’re yet another of the 10k people with pretty 3D renderings and a vision saying you’re looking for investors.


I totally agree. Plus, it’s location, location,…Who wouldn’t want to start seasteading in Bora Bora?? Dah.

On the other hand and on a personal note, I kind of like seacoin "de"nomination better…

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I dunno, if i am too afraid of the open Atlantic, i was thinking of the Fla Keys, Bahamas, plus the usa and UK portions of the Carib islands (only because they speak english and take usa money (my spanish is poor now and i have always lacked in french)), and the various islands on the usa and Canadian east coast up to Prince Edward Island. Depends on the season. Bora Bora is one place, i have been in one place before.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #20

That opens some interesting questions…

• How will a MOU with a president be “priced in” by investors ( will they give a dime about it - will they give millions ?) Did they have a “phase1 investor key conversation” with anybody who matters and got they answer A or answer B…in the intent ?

• A MOU is normally done to line out a path of business cooperation between two businesses… Can a President sign a MOU ? in first place - if he does is it worth anything ? - is he a business ? - what is his “word worth in business terms” ?

• What about rumors of voiding out of the MOU ? - how does this affect “traction” ?

@Elwar | can you share any “insider view” on that ?