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Continuing the discussion from Reviewing DeltaSync’s construction estimates on the simple square Concrete Caissons:

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@octavian, what do you mean with Cooperative Collaboration Company


The way I imagine it would be a partnership of individuals collaborating on several levels of input (intellectual, financial, actual work, etc.) in order to achieve a common business goal.

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would there be a minimum entrance contribution ?


I don’t know, this is KDarian’s idea. It seems to be in the “we’re talking about it” stage.

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A place would be needed to build and experiment.
Anyone has a stilt house?

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Else, I might just have get a big sailboat and moore it for free in Gulfport, Florida.

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I have a house in Florida on the Gulf but have it rented for another year.

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Florida is nice. The Gulf side is nice too. Do you want to tell where this house is?

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Up in Hudson. North of St. Petersburg.

The gulf side would be great for testing seasteads because the depth is about 40 feet going out about 30 miles.


Here is a bit more about the concept of cooperative collaboration.


Definitely a concept that could be applied towards seasteading

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Hudson is nice. I live in Hudson, Fl. Is this your house, I am renting?

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Veronica Drive on Sea Ranch Road.

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Cool, small world. My house is on Seaview Blvd just to the north. Sea Ranch is a good area though, great for boating.

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I still think that the Co-op business model is the way to go for a small seasteading venture.

Not only because of it’s obvious economic advantages (certain taxation exempts if in US, etc.) but also the fact that co-ops are functioning as “direct democracy sociopolitical entities” within their economic structure.

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You’re welcome to edit the Wiki for more completeness if you have additional Co-op info or comments.