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@aliduman | Oceanic Business Alliance is a network of companies and people dedicated to ocean colonization and business development. One of our key focus areas, is solving the technology bottleneck of ocean colonization.

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This floating hotel in Gibraltar is shaped like a cruise ship to blend into the ambient of the port - but it is no ship at all - it is a hotel.

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You have made another mistake, Ellmer, the webpage for that hotel says it is a fully floating and functional yacht :The only company in the world to successfully construct a fleet of fully functioning, first-class Yacht Hotels”. The parent company site says :We provide the infrastructure and expertise to custom-design and build floating hotels of unparallelled quality, detail and technical sophistication.”.

I suspect because it looks like a yacht, floats like a yacht, acts like a yacht, and is advertised as a yacht, then it is probably a yacht. Which means is a boat or a ship.

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Actually, it depends on how it is registered with the country of residence. If it is restricted to a permanent docking, then it may not be a boat anymore but a barge? Casino? Hotel. But to move around on its own power, it has to be a boat of some type.

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Ok, according to the marine police here, if it floats, it’s a type of boat. A barge is a type of boat. A floating casino is a boat that is being used as a casino. A houseboat is a boat that is carrying a house meant to be lived in. Ergo, Sunborn built some boats of hull-type “yacht”, one is being used as a casino, two are being used as hotels. Sunborn is calling it a yacht, a yacht is a type of boat, it is not a type of pier, not a type of barge, not a type of sandbar, not a type of ocean-floor installation, and not an artificial island.

I guess i am all wrong again, but i do not know why.

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Ellmer, please explain. Sunborn stated the hotel floats, they state their casino floats, they called the hotel and the casino a functional yacht. You say it is not a ship. Plese learn me why the floating yacht is not a ship.

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@ellmer but you broke my dictionary. But i can fix it if you tell me why is a yacht not a boat or ship? Do all those people in their yachts know they have no boat?

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Let me explain the definition of expert for you. When you’re young, you voice everything that you know, think or feel. You spert this information continuously whether it is pertinent or not. At some point in time, you stop sperting everything and proceed to become an ex-spert = expert.

Now as far as the yacht goes, why pay taxes for a boat license if the boat wasn’t going to go anywhere? So the owners of the yacht would certainly know his yacht is not licensed as a boat. Lets take the logic to an extreme to help see the differences. Lets say the owners of the yacht decided that they didn’t want a yacht as much as they wanted firewood. They burn the yacht so that it is no longer a boat, yacht or anything. Its use was for firewood, by its use, we determine its cause of existence.

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Ellmer is a spurt about floating-real-estate-markets-competition-technology-engineering because he keeps on talking about it?

If Sunborn is not paying a boat license to be the yachts they claim they are, how is the marina (that the Gibraltar not-a-boat fully functional floating yacht is in) allowing a non-boat to be floating in a prime location?

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More importantly, they are building a hotel to look like a ship to go along with the decor. This means that they can build anything to look like anything. let me give an example, an office building that looks like a floating island? This brings us to the one question of how it is moored and how to protect it from waves. They have both by docking it. How shell we do that?

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Sunborn has pics on their site which show the yachts in various places. Sunborn claims the yachts are fully functional yachts. The fully functional yachts are shown with mooring which accomodates tide motions.

A magnificent five-star yacht hotel moored in an idyllic marina on Western Europe’s southernmost tip

Permanently docked in Gibraltar’s Ocean Village marina development, the 142m long Sunborn Super Yacht is the world’s first purpose built super yacht hotel.

The impressive 108-metre floating hotel incorporates 136 spacious guest rooms

five-star yacht hotel moored in an idyllic marina

Here are specs for the Gibraltar yacht construction site in Malaysia, the yacht’s propulsion engines, etc.

So the advertising and specifications say it floats, it is moored, docked, has propulsion engines, and was built in a drydock in Malaysia…

A mp4 of the Gibraltar yacht being floated into it’s berth in the marina. Or do you figure they put wheels in the bottom of the yacht and trucked it in across the bottom of the bay?

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So it would not cross your mind that they built the ship to be a floating hotel, just like any cruise ship is, and park it in a marina, because there simply isn’t enough land available where they have customers? And if the customer base there goes away, they can power up and go to another marina where there are more paying (profitable) customers?

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The 2,500 sq ft platform has been designed using styrofoam, bamboo, gunny bags, coir etc. and will act as a base around 3000 plants including cattails, bulrush, citronella, hibiscus, fountain grass, flowering herbs, and ashwagandha.

The plants were selected after a lot of consideration. This combination is said to be mosquito repellent while also helping in the cleaning of water and increasing the biodiversity of the lake.

This project is floating island real estate at the lower end of the cost per squaremeter scale...definitly a "composite material structure" (styrofoam, bamboo, textile) that takes Richi Sowas approach a bit further....
The floating gardens of Mexico City come to mind...

Floating Gardens of the Aztecs | poor man´s floating island |

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Chet, thanks for joining our expert panel.

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