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I experimented last year with some elements of their concept design, Larry … specifically using HDPE (#2) plastic as the floating matrix for growing plants on water.

The idea was to simulate growing a mangrove forest as a Surface Wave Oscillation Refraction Device … a floating horizontal surface that uses gravity to “bleed off” (via lifting) the energy of surface waves … negating the need for “free-floating breakwaters”.

Depending on the ratio of (floating) plastic to plant mass, the matrix can float on the surface or at various depths under water.

The benefits of floating vegetation (vs a hard manufactured surface) relate to the environmental issues mentioned in your links, as well as less refraction of the surface wave (with those inherent issues).

Anyway … a cheapie experimentation matrix can be made by melting together (at about 265-270°F) water bottle caps (or milk jug caps, if you want color), and then using it in a pond to float some small plants.

Here’s my initial model … water bottle caps laid on a cookie sheet, then melted.

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I had your concept in mind when I was reading about theirs, Bob. I think it’s got a lot of potential as a secondary aspect of Seasteading. The materials are cheap, the energy cost is reasonable, and the technique is simple and replicable. All hallmarks of a feasible Seastead design element. I could see a fringe of these around a floating or gravity-based installation.

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Awesome for floating gardens around select Seastead Island for: RX, drugs, foods.
Nice super idea. & producable on Seasteads??
Ring whole Seasteads with Farm acres & have robotcs harvest crop from above & bellow Ocean.
Urge new name:
Floating Farm Islands, LLC.
Or Sea Farms LLC

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[quote=“admnelson1, post:4, topic:2623”]Urge new name:
Floating Farm Islands, LLC.
Or Sea Farms LLC

It’s an existing business. They are not seasteading, I. Just pointing out the applicability of the concept and how it overlaps the floating mangrove concepts others have proposed.

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[quote=“admnelson1, post:4, topic:2623”]
Nice super idea. & producable on Seasteads??[/quote]

I think we need to introduce you to Marinea.org That is all part of the business plan. Welcome aboard Stephen.