Fisheries need to add value

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… and seasteaders can lead the way.

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The link to “Ocean Spar, sells aquaculture nets for oceanic environments” on that wiki page, is 404. And their 404 page is in latin. Their aboutus page says nothing about what they actually do, and their main page has four pictures and zero data. I wouldn’t link to them.

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I think, this link is fine for me. If I tought it is not, I would help by editing it.

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That’s nice of you. I do not have edit ability. Congratulations. The line i quoted in my post is a hotlink on the page that works fine for you. The link you posted works fine for me too. How wonderful?

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Actually, you do. You must sign up for an account there. You may use the same info as this discussion forum if you wish, which may make it easier if in the future we gain the option to merge the user databases. Once you sign up there, you can edit or create Wiki pages. That’s kind of the point of a Wiki.

The link is fixed.