Finally, The Solution is Here

(George Hawirko) #1

I don’t like beating around the bush and so far it’s earned me a Badge, I seriously thought that SEASTEADING was toast, but here I am. At the age of 71, I will hang up this quest to get the World on the right track of Building Quality, Safe Affordable Homes. SEASTEADING is not different but because it’s in/on the water it will not matter much. On Mars, Earth, Water, and disappearing Coastal Sites, I will offer the Basic Steps for all here to benefit. These NEW Basics are proven and need more uptake for massive improvement.

I will start posting again when I see more interest, otherwise on I move:-)

(.) #2

Hi George;
It is a good idea, and it is the right idea. I am just not there to build yet.

(George Hawirko) #3

Research is ongoing and Building should never be delayed. My complaints run towards the use of problematic techniques that skew results and understanding what directions need to be taken. Infrastructure is what is needed now for others to build on and with.

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Very interesting opinions. Thank you for your posts.