Far from being a "copy of a land state" a seastead will be something new

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Continuing the discussion from You don’t have to be in international waters to be independent:

If not a 19th century “grounded state” what will seasteading be about - here a couple of opinions…

  • A floating real estate asset
  • A interference free private space
  • A real estate development
  • A condo administration driven thing
  • A floating community driven tribal development
  • A floating business with an owner
  • A floating business cluster
  • similar to a cruiseship
  • similar to a marina
  • similar to a floating port
  • similar to a private mega yacht
  • a well connected piece of infrastructure in the oceanic trade superhighway
  • a ship service, building, repair, cluster
  • seasteading will be similar to burning man
  • a bit of all of the above
  • a colorful cluster development that covers a lot of things including all above and much more
  • seasteading will develop its own dynamics we can not even imagine yet
  • seasteading will be a important step in transhumanism
  • seasteading will complement other technologies like Bitcoin and Blockchain to create a new world

“We don’t sit on a cruise ship and think to ourselves, `Well, what kind of system of governance do they have? Do they have a constitution? Are they electing selectmen? Do they have a governor?’ It’s a private company that runs that cruise ship, and I think that’s part of the reason that we enjoy being on board.”

Tom Woods interview Joe Quirk

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What form of society would you pioneer through seasteading?
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who knows what it will end up being

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Exactly, it will be nothing that we have today and we have a adequate word for…most certainly it will neither be nor work like a land based state.

Is the freedom of the ocean divided in zones ? - not really
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Its base condition will be "out of jurisdiction" for national law (like a ship flying a flag of convenience) - but its freedom will come with the ugly4 footnote

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A seastead could easyly end up with an organization and structure like Burning Man to mention just another example…

  • some might call it a community…
  • some might call it a lifestyle…
  • some might call it a culture…
  • some might call it a experience…
  • some might see it as a business…

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The best city-building simulation game since Sim City 2000?
The only reasonable way to have a physical manifestation of a digital civilization?
(The ocean surface is a homogeneous fluid matrix with many underlying layers)
If a computer program were to design a city/industries/intensive farming (physical manifestation of carbon-based civilization) it would be much easier and cost effective for it to do it on 70% of the planet’'s surface instead of the minority, and on a clean surface.
As in all exponential situations at first living on something that floats on water seems extraordinary, then it will become the norm and land-based ancient countries will become the ark of history- not the other way around.

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@Matias - this was said about skyscrapers too - back in 1930 - who would choose to live higher than treetop level and get to his home in a steelbox on a cable over a 160m abyss - (call it elevator)… it stopped to be “extraordinary” pretty soon…the same thing that happened with “airspace colonization” will happen with “ocean colonization”.

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For centuries in architecture and vernacular real estate the ground level was always the obvious main level, even in palaces, and the loft was an undesirable attic.

Now and for half a century, the higher the floor the more valued the apartment. Proof of this is the Penthouse and all the imagery it evokes.

Somewhat similarly coastline that had for centuries been considered badlands are now and have been for almost a century extremely appreciated as “beachfront”. It is part of the human experience to become embolden as we progress and see places earlier generations might have feared or rejected as opportunity for new kinds of acctivities. Beach resorts, or baths, are no more than 150 years old (in the current cycle of Civilization as the Romans enjoyed seasonal beach towns 2 millennia ago)

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