FAD Fish Aggregation Device

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A FAD device wouldn’t have many hard surfaces for currents to push upon given its’ net like structure; it’s also a possibility of creating the surfaces that are there hydrophobic so as to negate the affect the water has.

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The plan. Right now. Is to get an anchor and a buoy and a long rope.
Harbor Freight and Tools sell 600 ft something for $30.
So, probably two of those to get 1200 ft.
After that to build a geodesic sphere out of PVC pipes.
The dome diameter would be about 20 ft. The highest point of the
sphere would be 30 ft under the water.
And keep going with strengthening the anchor point.
May be putting wires on the PVC sphere and acrete biorock with a solar panel
on the buoy. May be putting wires inside the plastic pipes and accreting biorock
that way.

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There is a whale off the coast of Orange county, CA, and it is tangled in some line.
According to the news. It is going to be probably some kind of hoopla.
I feel sorry about the whale.
I think the anchoring lines have to be whale safe and dolphin safe.

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string these evenly down the anchor line, to make it more highly visible… Should work same as w/radar


Was thinking more about the whales and dolphins. Might be curious, but they could ‘see’ it. Most stuff that they tangle in is invisible in their spectrum

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Maybe they could channel music through the cables so whales and dolphins would know that they’re there.

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Here you go, @spark:

So, the closest subject about communication offshore, may be a kelp field,
and monitoring a kelp field or an FAD (fish aggregating device).
I thought about SSTV (slow scan television) and VLF (very low frequency)
radio waves. I posted about this more in my blog, in case anyone is
interested. Just a side note, feel free to erase here anything I write.

Aquatic Lifestyle at Pacific Wave:

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Thank you very much.

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A kelp paddy anchored or floating in deep sea conditions can be also
considered an FAD.