FAD Fish Aggregation Device

(Alexander Tomasik) #42

I don’t think a FAD would need a mooring; it’d be better to have a GPS device embedded within the unit so as to find it’s location, and additional upgrades could involve propulsion and buoyancy systems in order to steer the device around, away from poachers and towards better fish raising conditions.


We’re in agreement on the general idea.

(Chris) #44

You can’t simply let it float free even initially. When this thing crashes into someone’s oil platform or port, you are looking at a huge liability.

If you go without mooring, you are going to need some type of station keeping and therefore energy. The most cost effective option would depend on location.

(Alexander Tomasik) #45

I don’t think power generation would be that hard to do and oil platforms and landmasses are relatively fixed in their locations. If GPS and visual monitoring via video recorders were employed there’d be little chance of any liability; there’d be a greater chance of theft more than anything.

(Chris) #46

Only if you can get to it in time to move it and monitor it 24/7. If a storm kicks up in the middle of the night, somebody better be watching, because it might be in a location that you hadn’t planned on or mapped and you might have to wait till the storm ends to go after it.

I agree that power shouldn’t be a big deal, and would probably be cheaper in most cases than mooring.


Uh, hello…? In order to use wave energy to generate power, you’re going to need to be anchored, the wave has to lift against something…, and you need to be connected to receive the power, as well…

(Alexander Tomasik) #48

GPS, mobility and simple code could keep the the FAD within certain boundaries.

(Alexander Tomasik) #49

Nope; there just needs to be a lever like system and a difference of angle.

The Weptos proves this.


Wrong… See the line off the front? That is holding it in position…

(Chris) #51

Not necessarily, there are more than a few systems that can work without anchoring, also it could be solar or wind.

Station keeping :wink:


Wind has to be anchored, to keep the wind and current from carrying it along. Solar doesn’t.

SHOW me any single wind/wave system that doesn’t need to be anchored…

(Chris) #53

As long as the wind needed is less than what it takes to move your structure, it will work.

As far as wave power, look at the undersides of VLFS structures for designs that can work without anchoring.


You lose effectiveness, when the structure is allowed to move. A very small wind generator, on a much larger structure, may as well be fixed, but, even then, it loses power as the drag increases and moves the structure. You’d need a massive battery and a long charge period, to do any sort of navigation with it. Anchor it and you eliminate the need for both.

(Alexander Tomasik) #55

Wave Dragon

They do mention mooring within the video but I don’t think it’d be necessary if the power wasn’t being sent mainland.


(Chris) #58

Yes, but it still works. Not efficiently, but for station keeping how efficient would it need to be? I’m thinking that a bigger battery may be more cost effective than mooring in deep water.


How much are you planning to spend on fuel…? If you want station-keeping in the ocean, without massive fuel/energy costs, you’re looking at the gyres, rather than in a current.

(Chris) #60

That would really depend on how much deviation you want to allow. If you want to keep this in one place for it’s lifetime, then no this will not work, but if you are willing to stay within a massive area and use currents to your advantage, it should work fine.

(Alexander Tomasik) #61

If the FADs are located between two opposing streams they could jump back and forth between the two to shift locations; I’m sure that there’s areas of the ocean that are less turbulent than others as well. It might also be possible to change the depth of the device to move back and forth.

(.) #62

Yes, I think the GPS idea is a good one.
At this time, I am not interested about a free floating GPS device.
At this time I am interested about a moored FAD.
I am working on such a thing.
I am interested about your project also. Let me know how it is working for you.