FAD Fish Aggregation Device

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FAD Fish Aggregation Device

From: http://www.jdsbiggame.com/report.htm

I hesitantly post this-- but done for the betterment of the fishery, FAD’s Fish Aggregating Devices

JD— from Pete- I have fished fads in Hawaii, Saint Thomas, Domincan Republic, Costa Rica, and we are all familiar with kelp paddies and the white foam buoys in Baja. The state of Hawaii sponsors approximately 50 Fads. Saint Thomas sponsors some fads also. The Domincan Republic are all placed by commercial fisherman. The Costa Rican fads are all privately placed. Over the years we have had a lot of success fishing the fads. As proof of this I offer the recent trip to Costa Rica where we released 20 Blue marlin in 4 days.(just proves you don’t have to have a lot of talent to catch fish!)

Two FAD have been placed in our local waters.

THE CORRECT #‘S FOR THE FADS ARE AS FOLLOWS: off Catalina is 152 spot 33" 14’ 589 / 118" 10’ 656.590 and the 267 spot is 33" 17’ 845 / 117" 48’ 419 , these # are very close and depending on current, tides etc, should work, Appeciate you Help, let us know how you do- Hopeful this will be the biggining of more to come

the photo at left shows the FAD , it’s actual position “V” would be invered with bouys suporting it upright and the weight below.

Both are placed below the surface. depending upon the current you should see them on your soun der between 50’ and 150". My reasons for doing this 2 fold, – #1, I am hoping to enhance the fishing experience for everyone ---- #2 Assuming this experiment is successful then perhaps more will be placed in the future, so that more people can enjoy our sport. I have attached a picture to give you a rough idea of what the actual fad looks like. We used approx. #1500 of weight tethered with 25’ of 1/2 long neck chain to 3/4 polypro #12,000 test rope to the float, using poly pro stringers through out. I am hopeful you guys have another great season, the only thing I would ask is, that if you do fish the fads, that you would give an accurate report on your trip, good or bad -Pete— Send info to JD-s

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General data and use here , discussions and pros and cons here.

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If the anchor is heavy built, a boat can be moored. If the anchor is a lot heavier a seastead can be moored on a FAD.

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There are private built fad structures in the Pacific ocean near to Orange county.
These are in international waters. Building one could be a step toward seasteading.

Marine kind of agriculture, or something like that.

Recently unusually large amount of fish got cought.

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A seastead in itself would be a FAD. Fish are going to be attracted to anything that isn’t ocean. Your stead would provide them protection from predators and food on the side of your hull.

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So would a breakwater, floating or grounded, so would an artificial island.

Open ocean is pretty much deserted with nomadic species wandering through it.

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I am learning deepwater anchoring.

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I am keeping this fad section alive.

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Well, I started this thread for the reason that I can write my ideas here without others
objecting or censoring it.
In my opinion a boat can be a seastead. There are some examples, like the scientologists
have a boat, and they keep it in international waters for staying out of any country.
There is at least one boat, or may be more. They live on it.

So, just because it is a boat it can be a seastead. I have a boat too. My boat is not
in international waters, but I can get there by noon.

FAD, or fish aggregating device would be a cover name for the mooring of the seastead.
A boat moored at an anchored FAD can be a seastead.

And than the FAD can take different shapes and sizes.

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And I tried this boating thing. A boat can be quite comfortable. A boat can hold lots of things.
A boat can have lots of devices; engine, generator, solar panels, gps, whs radio, tv, ais, radar,
fishing poles, lobster traps, a head with toilet and shower, fresh water device.
The head and the fresh water device should be separated ( do not eat the yellow snow ).
A floating buoy kind of device and boats could be used in conjunction.
A large floating marina kind of buoy with a live aboard concept.
I would keep private things on the boat, and I would keep little value on the buoy.
Boats would make transport possible between shore and seastead buoy and between seasteads.

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.Under the FAD cover name, I would like to write more about seasteading.
It appeares to me, that the ability to go subsurface with a folating structure is adventageous
for several reasons.: self-defense, adverse weather conditions.
A spherestead seams reasonable. The bouble hull flip ship also seems reasonable.
I think, the possibility to adjust the floation of a structure is also advantegous.
Have to consider the danger of going under surface and not being able to stop the desent.
Some kind of semi submersible structure would be good that would not sink uncontrollably, but
with a ballast down would display a very low profile on the turbulent air water interface.
A seastead would need a vehicle too. Sailboat seems reasonable. What would happen to a boat in a storm?
Would it be kept on the surface?
I see a solution in, makeing the sailboat a submergable boat too, and take it under the water surface with the
structure in storms. When storms pass the structure and the boat would get above the surface.
So a submergable watertight sailboat could be the solution. The mast could be used as a snorkle.
No sails during submersion.
Some people did build a submersible sailboat with a wind turbine that was connected to the propellor schaft.
Roumor has it that such a vessel was built in Newport Beach, California, USA. The vessel was sailed to Columbia.
I do not know more about it.
So structure and vessel with the posssibility to ballast it under the water surface, and reverse the ballastin and bring the structure
or vessel above surface back. And forth.

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My spelling of submersible are not so goodly.

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Computer graphics with letters.


Sounds similar to this design…

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o-O-o … and twenty more characters

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With a geodesic sphere as the platform.

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A round shape cross section hull rolls easy.
How about round shape cross section to make a catamaran like a pontoon boat.