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Hi BF friends,

Hope you’re doing well. I’m writing to provide you with a follow-up China market report which includes some ideas on how we may usher in Chinese investment in the coming years.

In Chinese, “DaMa” translates to “elder auntie”, and “DaMaTuan” translates to “elder aunties group”. Elder aunties group is the literal translation. In practice, DaMaTuan’s transliteration is used to mean “aunties power-shopping group”. When you see a large group of 50 and 60 something unassuming Chinese ladies at the airport, they are often quite wealthy despite what us westerners or what us western-influenced or educated folks may think. Why would very wealthy people group together and be constrained by the inconveniences of having to follow the group’s structured itinerary? Isn’t that what budget conscious people do? What about freedom of flexibility and spontaneity?

Well, the Chinese are the Chinese. And just because they become wealthy, they often don’t all of a sudden become intrepid free spirits embarking on adventures of self-reflective discovery like westerners might do. They grew up participating in group activities, and there’s little changing them. These groups of wealthy Chinese ladies are on their way to stay in the finest hotels around the world, and just as often, to inspect potential investment properties.

DaMaTuan is a subcategory of the larger phenomenon of TuanGou, or “shopping group”. In the case of DaMaTuan, we are seeing middle-aged wives, who are the ones who often handle the finances and investment in Chinese households, grouping together as the Chinese tend to do. But DaMaTuan are just one example of TuanGou. While collective bargaining is of course used in the west to ease the due diligence process and bring about quantity discounts, it’s a much more prevalent practice in China as an extension of their group-oriented culture. The apartment we rent here in Xiamen was purchased by a TuanGou along with 19 other apartments, for example.

There are TuanGou for many products and services here in China, and especially for real-estate both domestic and abroad. Please forgive in this report that I look at seasteading through the lens of real estate to some extent if by chance such a categorization is not in fitting with the seasteading vision. As I mentioned in my previous report, I’m just now getting familiar with the activity classification of seasteading along with the appropriate language for it.

I propose that we work together to facilitate the introduction, education, due diligence, and procurement of Varyon tokens and Blue Frontiers units by the Chinese in the coming years. We could perhaps start working on it later this year or sometime in 2019.

Here is an example of an agency facilitating overseas real estate investment for Chinese:

We may do well to create such an offering for the Chinese market with a greenfielded agency of our own and/or by partnering with agencies like this one in referral relationships.

If desired, I could for example help to build a fruitful outreach mechanism such as this kind of agency and/or a network of relationships with existing agencies. I could also create exposure with organized events like meetups to generate interest and provide education by recruiting some local Chinese to serve as evangelist educators. There are countless TuanGou for considering and procuring those Toronto and other overseas properties. I think it would be a low-friction endeavor to insert ourselves into this widespread system of facilitating Chinese investment.

I’m hoping that I have thus far demonstrated interest and potentially valuable ideas to the project causing you to be interested in knowing more about me and about my availability to contribute long-term.

I currently have 2 days per week that I use here and there to do work for blockchain clients as I believe this tech is the future of many aspects of humanity.

The other 3 days per week are spent managing my family’s counseling agency which I helped build. Our agency handles the bulk of the court-ordered substance abuse counseling in Detroit. Back in ’07, I designed and installed a comprehensive management control system including an online peer-to-peer document sharing system, unheard of in the paper-based mental health field back then, and a set of policies tying clinician documentation performance to compensation, allowing me to manage the agency from anywhere. I then departed the US for Thailand, Japan, and China, and have managed the agency’s operations these past 11yrs.

I can continue to offer 2 days per week to clients such as you, or I can expand the offering to more days by hiring out and reducing my counseling agency responsibilities after some time.

As far as my skills, they include strategic visioning, capital allocation, recruiting, designing job descriptions, management control systems with associated compensation plans, reporting structure and communication practices/protocols, and business processes, authoring policies and contracts, risk management including liability exposure management, crisis management, conflict resolution, business development, web design, direct sales, marketing, brand image consulting, brand messaging shape coaching, and copywriting.

Please let me know if you think I may be of ongoing assistance in the areas I mentioned or in any other way I could be useful. I can talk on Skype up to a 9pm GMT+8 China start-time, and am most pleased to hear from you anytime on telegram and email.

Many thanks,
Marc Joseph, MBA, LMSW



Welcome to the TSI Forum. This Forum will be archived in a few weeks and discussion will continue on Reditt. TSI is not Blue-Frontiers, nor is Blue-Frontiers a subsidiary of TSI. They have some goals and personnel in common. You might be better off contacting Blue-Frontiers more directly.

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Welcome, and good luck!
Thank you for your post. I am interested about how things get done in China.

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Welcome Marc. I have a couple of interesting projects and business proposals for you…(caribbean region | south america )

my mail is in your private message box… (for first info google me up ) and check my conversations on these forums…

Wilfried Ellmer

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Seasteading is much more than just an investment opportunity,… “let’s sell it to the rich Chinese”. Not as criticism, just a reminder,…

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The thread topic is “facilitating Chinese investment” so i assume we are talking about chinese investment here…

At the oceanic business alliance we do not sell things. We are a network. We communicate, have conversations, and that brings up projects.

Our product is actually a intangible that can not be sold to anybody. It is expertiese in a very specific field of marine engineering - that i would describe in short as -

• Capacity to solve the technology bottleneck that held marine key players back from building floating cities and bases around the world earlier.

• It is also expertiese in practical appliance of advanced cement composites in marine engineering.
A field that construction guru P.K.Mehta expects to “dominate construction activities in the 21st century”

• Fact is, that the Chinese seem to have a “vested interest” in that field -

… so i assume there are some talkworthy items under this thread topic.

| chinese landfill projects | chinese undersea base | deep sea mining | top priorities for the future |