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Hello, I realize I never introduced myself properly in this forum, (I had in the earlier archived one of the decade before). In any case I suggest we remove much of our dialogue towards other ports, and then build our own harbor.

There are some very interesting topics you:
@aliduman @Kerim_Tapkan @NickGri @Richtrish1967 @ellmer @Russ_George
have written about in this context that I would suggest we can continue exploring in a more suitable context.

This is an open thread instead of a private message, not just because I believe in openness, but mostly because I may be forgetting about dozens perhaps hundreds of other silent or semi silent users who have a lot to contribute to move humanity forward in a pleasant way.

Much regards,

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Hi- been a while -NickGri here-I hope all is progressing. We offer our basalt volcanic rock reinforcements which are over 70% lighter yet 2-3 times stronger in concrete than steel and do not corrode. We also have geo-polymers and ceramic cements and UHPC for incredible long lasting super strong solutions.

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@Nick1 | Nick, happy to see you again here… you promised more info on the printer (from your associates at Armatron) …for May 2018 - i am waiting for it…

@Matias | Matias, go ahead…i hope this intent to openess succeeds…if it gets busted the usual way we can still have your forum as our new home…

@Richtrish1967 | Richard, you where last seen turning your back on the forums due to the “obsessive/agressive band” taking you on about mentioning God when your wife died (that was Aug 2015) - are you still in here (running on silent listening mode)


We can safely assume that many members of the forum are experts in various areas.

Having construction experience, as well as other fields, such as Renewable Energy, Aquaponics and agriculture, I don’t mind joining this conversation.

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Well, again, @Richard;

Sorry about your loss. I do not object to your religious views, and my religious views
seem to very similar to yours. I hope to read your posts again.
@Richtrish1967: Come back to us!

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