Evolutionary Context | Seasteading | Ocean Colonization

(Wilfried Ellmer) #9

How would you know ?

Consider : Billions are invested in oceanic hub, port, floating marina and wharf installations every year.

How would you know that the strategic goal of those investors is NOT seasteading and ocean colonization after all?

Are they reporting their strategic goals to you ? Are you sitting in their boardrooms ? (All of them ?)

The seasteads of tomorrow are the floating marinas, floating wharfs, deepwater ports, oceanic infrastructure, specialty ships, yachts, and ocean cities (Venice, Monaco), of today - a couple of years down the road of devevelopment and concept integration…that is the point of EVOLUTION - what we have today transforms slowly and contiously to what will exist tomorrow.

Everybody who is investing in marine business today is investing in Seasteading - knowingly or not - strategic consient or not… Evolution will go its way.

That the endpoint of this evolution is not reached yet is a “pointless argument” - of course it is not reached yet - so what ? - we are in evolution after all - arn´t we ? - it is a base condition of life that the endpoint of the journey is not here yet…

An evolutionary path can go along the 3 pictures supplied below…

Starting Point a few kilogram of building material deployed

A Small Ramform in family home size growing from the initial piece above…

Later Development the ramform has grown to harbor size and protects a floating dome cluster development as breakwater…

The size of the starting point does not matter - the growth potential and model - does… marinas, service stations, port functions, and two dozend other ways have been suggested…

investors will choose and discuss in their boardrooms which of the suggested projects come to life and form part of the evolutionary line in the end…the colocation of the investments will shape the future of seasteading. Not forum discussions…

Negative ranting bystanders will rapidly be cut out of any of those projects because they do not contribute but hold back - they are ballast - not an asset - in any visionary development project. So to speak with Gorbatschov - try to be “part of the solution” instead of insisting " being part of the problem " …

SRS (SRL) - the first project

Fancy art of things that do not exist is proof of someone investing time in dreaming about it, not that such a thing actually exists.

IF there was a self-sufficient Seastead of ANY sort, then there would no longer be a purpose to this forum, nor would this even be a conversation, or topic.

The topic would be more like “How does Wilfried Ellmer get enough money to get on-board a Seastead…?”, or “Wilfried Ellmer and Matias Volco’s Idea of what should come next…”.

(Matias Volco) #11

That’s an inspiring well formulated point Wil, thank you for keeping people in a biological context. Perspective ia crucial.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #12

Get investment and focus to the idea of seasteading is a primary goal…


So, show a valid investment report, from a public stock exchange that shows your returns, as currently traded…

Otherwise, this is all fluff and no substance. It really sounds like you’re the flim-flam man of seasteading, trying to open up a new pyramid scheme, much like you wanted to pick my brain, then demanded money, in order to be ‘introduced’ to ‘investors’ that were supposedly already accessing your site.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #14

The hypothesis that the nutcase segment is “best attended by ignoring” was coined earlier (ref.254) - (this might be a clear opportunity to apply that work hypothesis) personal animosity and attack in the “cafe please” do not clutter serious topics with it …this is the evolution thread - keep evolving…

We need investors get interested in the cause of seasteading to fasttrack seastead evolution…(and cut the nonsense component back to make that happen…) | seasteading is underevaluated by investors |

Oceanic Real estate | global networking hubs | Extraterritorialized | oceanic business alliance
SRS (SRL) - the first project
Oceanic Real estate | global networking hubs | Extraterritorialized | oceanic business alliance

In other words you have nothing but your word. No stocks, or bonds. Nothing traded in the open market, to which you tried to compare to.

Your scam is rather easy to pick apart, just the same as your scam site demand for money…

(Wilfried Ellmer) #16

The misleading hypothesis “nobody has built anything” has been coined again…it was refuted earlier


So, show me this mystical floating seastead that exists. PROVE something is REAL, JUST ONE TIME.

However, I stand on what I said about you having no way to back what you say about this grand investment scam you propose to take money for.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #18

read the pointers given…evolve to a talkworthy forum participant…say something smart…not like below…and above…you clutter the threads…boring for everybody…no service to the community…no debate base…no progress…(ref 568)


In other words, you have nothing to back any of your claims.

No existing thing built qualifies, no stocks, or bonds to back your claims for profits.

I believe THAT is the smartest thing anyone can point out to others, w/respect to you.

My personal path has little need for talking with the parrot-feeder. I was clarifying that your claims are bogus, to help educate those that don’t know better.


LOL - that’s precious, @Elmo … coming from YOU …

… since YOU are the king of cluttering the comment threads with commercials that point to your fraudulent “investment” scheme. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


ALL of @Elmo’s posts ultimately lead to …


THAT is why all of @Elmo’s posts on TSI are merely COMMERCIALS for @Elmo’s “investment” schemes. :worried:



How is it ‘cluttering’ to ask about specific documents, regarding your investment proposal and your insistence on there being seasteads already in existence? You’ve been repeatedly asked, and have never documented anything real, to substantiate your claims, on either topic.


That’s just Elmo’s way of trying to bully people by avoiding the real issue, while trying to imply that their criticism of Elmo’s phony “investment” scheme isn’t worthy of consideration.

Elmo is a phony, @JL_Frusha

… so he has no other play than to attack you and your comments personally.

Elmo’s version of argumentum ad hominem.


To give credit where it is due, afaict, he built 2 ferrocement submarines. One successful one in a lake, in Europe, sunk by curiosity seekers damage to the hatch seals, and a second that never launched, probably due to the drug-sub phenomena.

One shining success. One potential success, blocked by circumstances beyond his control.

That does NOT justify his bogus investment scheme, nor his bogus claims, bad engineering, false claims about other peoples work, misappropriations and false labels applied to other genuine feats of engineering.

Truly, noone wants seasteading more, than Will, or myself, afaict. He wants it as a financial accomplishment, while I simply want to be instrumental in defining it, and giving my own expression, applying solutions to as many of the basic issues, as I see them, while building for myself, amd

From mooring, to hull application, to plumbing, to renewable resources, to solving the pollution and waste situation.

Personally, building from the hull, up, and well planned, even for retrofitting, beats a proposed pretty design, that ignores engineering, or the limitations of materials.

I hate that Ellmer misappropriates buzz terms, such as ‘Ramform’, ignoring even the basics of the patented design, defaming the genius behind the origin of the term.

I freely admit to copying, adapting, and planning to privately build, using information and engineering in the Ramform patents, while giving due credit to Roar Ramde for the design, engineering parameters, and name, as well as the others, for their improvements, as I intend to apply them.


In which European lake did it sink?


Lake Atter in Austria

I’ve seen it in ref., posted by a few divers, in various forums, not just the pics Ellmer shows. Cold and dark down there, but… It’s there.

That’s also why he regularly refers to himself as an Ex-Pat.

(Matias Volco) #28

20,000 years separate these two depictions of a symbol of invoked prosperity

Going back to my opening post we see our species:

  • adapting to non auctoctonous environments,
  • communicating and cooperating beyond immediate family
  • using signs and symbols to express the non immediate (in time and space, like a herd of bison prior to the stalk)

More users doing those three things help advance the path towards a Blue Future