Establishment of a common language or lingua franca?

(Bob LLewellyn) #49

Yes Ma’am it is. But in addition to the syntax and phonetic problems, I will share one reason with you for not choosing English as the Universal language, at least half of the world hates the US and will resist using English just because of that.

(noboxes) #50

What about Britain’s and Oz’s versions of English? I won’t trust a usa version just because there’s so many versions in the usa, and basic illiteracy is increasing.


Half the world may hate the US but its English not americanish. And 3/4s of the world communicate with it.

p.s. my picture is that of my daughter not me.

(Chris S.) #52

You are right. Lingua Franca is a word of Italian- French decent that is used to describe a language commonly used in a certain area such as Swahili in East Africa. Despite not being the number one language in the world, this is accredited to Mandarin, English is still widely known and used for all types of communication especially in the area of business.

(Chris S.) #53

I couldn’t agree more with your points. Indeed English, and just about every other language, is not the same as it/they were 50 years ago due to migration and influx of ideas and dialects. I agree as the world moves into a new age of the future I also believe there will be a more common language with English roots and Mandarin, French, Spanish, and Arabic influences but at last only time will tell.

*Also sorry for not responding to everyone until now, I know this is a loaded question so I wanted to hear from everyone involved in the movement.

(Chris S.) #54

Stop where? It was a question seeking an answer as there could be many to said question. I said
"should" because in today’s society traveling just about anywhere around the world there will always be some language barrier unless there is someone who has been taught another language in order to do business and or integrate into the culture. There is no means necessary to “require” someone to learn a new language but it is a simple choice one would make if they wanted to exceed and succeed in a foreign country that of not native tongue.

*Again sorry for responding to everybody so late.