Establishment of a common language or lingua franca?

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That’s alright, we are frequently confused as we look so much alike.

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There is no perfect language. Language is an inherently imperfect means of transmission, with no two receivers exactly alike.

All you need is good enough. Existing languages are good enough, and constantly changing.

Languages evolve. One thing people tend to forget is evolution is not a linear process from primitive to sophisticated. It is simply adaptation to current circumstances enabling more effective reproduction, or failure to adapt causing a poor ability to reproduce. People will adapt their language and communications style to best fit their immediate purpose, to the best of their inherent ability to do so, constrained by environmental factors. Just like everything else we do. So there’s little point in planning a language, other than mechanisms to enable people to reach their best potential in a specific environment, should they choose to do so.

Language purity movements are doomed to failure.

I started my professional career by enlisting in the USAF as a cryptologic linguist analyst. The most important lesson I ever took from it is that it is more important understand and be understood than to sound abstractly ‘perfect’. For example I learned in some cases to use my difficulties in pronunciation that might otherwise be a speech impediment as a form of emphasis that perked up attention by its very oddity to the native speaker’s ears.

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Larry stop it, you’re beginning to sound like noboxes. Anything is more perfect than the mess that we have now.

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Hi Bob;

Sorry about the misspelling.
Nicaragua and Spanish;
That is impressive.

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Not the way I speak it. And you… your English is flawless.
If math is indeed the language of science, then I speak math but everything else is a struggle.

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1 + 1 = 10
9 + A = 13
12 / 2 = 5
and must contain a complete sentence?

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Yes, I can translate that, Noboxes has lost his marbles.

OK try the hillbilly reading exam, Let’s see how well you do.

MR snakes
MR not
YLB MR snakes


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It is turned off now.

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I don’t know what good it will do but I sent the following letter to Nikki Haley’s office (US ambassador to the UN) She used to be our governor. Let’s see what happens.

A solution to many problems. The language barrier.

One way to help unify the world would be to give us a world language. Every Scifi futuristic movie has the whole world able to speak one language. Man instinctively know that one of our main obstacles is the limitations of our current communications systems.

With one universal language, pilots would be able to communicate with the towers better, boat captains would understand warnings because everything not local, would be in the language of Earth. Permit me to call that language Terren, from the writers of science fiction, futurists and Latin. Emergencies could be handled better without the need of an interpreter.

Our group looks for solutions to the problems that plague humanity and tries to discover new ways to look at things. One of those conversations was about a common languages needed for a project. This led us to wonder if it was possible for the UN to commission the development of a new language that would be easy to learn by the most amount of people. With this business would be enhanced as well.

That new language would not be tied to any existing country so no stigma would be attached. It would make UN meetings go better because the meetings would all be held in Terren. Terren would be taught in the schools as a second language. Your primary language would be of the country that you are from and your secondary language would be of the planet that you are from.

How can we help you to make this request a reality? Looking forward to receiving your advice.

Bob Llewellyn
(Coordinator, Marinea Project)

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It might take lots of effort to do all that, about a common language.
I am focusing on developing a positive cash flow with a marine based business.
Right now, because resources are scarce, I am focusing on revenue generating

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But why not call the language what those writers called it? Why make up a new word? They called it Terran.

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Another take on Terran.


language is mutable even core complete languages add components over time which ironically are borrowed from other languages. English is a perfect example of that mutability - the English you hear in inner cities in anglo phone countries is not the same as it was 50 years ago in the same locales. This is not to say that English will/should be the main language of communication. It just so happens that it is the easiest to learn the basics - to understand and be understood (as someone has already pointed out). And as the world slowly but surely moves towards a more homogenous end state, language will move with it.

If I could see 200 years into the future (and assuming mankind hasn’t fallen prey to an extinction level event), I wouldn’t be surprised to see everyone speaking the same language with allowances for regional dialects/mores. This language would have English as its base with influences from Mandarin, French, Arabic and Spanish. My point is that language will sort it self out and mostly be based on the origins/ethno grouping of the those going to actually live and work on a stead.

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Yes but it will be another abortion like English, accidental in every respect. Better if we had one designed to be easy to learn and “all” new inventions will be name in the unified language just as new species of animals are named in Latin.

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Thank you for sharing that with me.

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That’s just a regional dialect. Like using ya’ll in the south or younz in Pittsburgh. The spell check even thinks that they are not words but they are, in their regions. However, a world language would not be susceptible to language drift because it would stay pure as there would be other users in different parts of the Earth anchoring Terran to its source. Meanwhile dialect drift would be limited to the local language because it is the language of the region only using Terran as a second language.

Now, if we could only get someone or a couple of someones to make a scientifically based language, we would be all set and ready to go.

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B[quote=“ForexBob, post:45, topic:3196”]
That’s just a regional dialect. Like using ya’ll in the south or younz in Pittsburgh.[/quote]


[quote=“ForexBob, post:45, topic:3196”]world language would not be susceptible to language drift because it would stay pure as there would be other users in different parts of the Earth anchoring Terran to its source. Meanwhile dialect drift would be limited to the local language because it is the language of the region only using Terran as a second language.


Language drift is inevitable and an immutable law of evolution. There will ALWAYS be a situation where established language is inadequate to a particular circumstance and people will invent a field expedient to cover the gap. Then other people will continue to use that expedient and a new word or grammatical rule is born.


"Pardon him. Theodotus: he is a barbarian, and thinks that the customs of his tribe and island are the laws of nature. "


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Thank you Larry but I already admitted that as you see above but what I was referring to was the changing of words and meaning from their original. This would take place in a regional language spoken most by the locals but they could always revert to Terran when others didn’t understand their regional language because they use it differently or the others just never learned it.


Obviously your view - I think English is a wonderful expressive and ‘modern’ language whose strength lies in its ability to convey complex concepts and ideas in a simple format that continues to evolve to suit its users. It is the language of the future.