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It is part of the problem that people have just no idea how a living space underwater is - until they see and feel one…you might start with the idea that in a modern ship you are up to 18 meters under the waterline when working in the keel area…in fact there is no “difference” if the room is above or below the surface… when driving throug a underwater tunnel it is just the same as driving in any other tunnel…check the ocean sphere concept for picturing that right…

shopping center in a ocean sphere, the lady is some 50m underwater the natural daylight light comes in from above over a “oculum”.

Many people seem to have problems to understand the concept and picture it properly - it is important to have clear that a room under water is a space that is not “a dive bell”…

Acrylic tunnel in a Aquarium installation - underwater visit without diving…

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Nautilus Jules Verne, a feasible yacht concept today.

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Please give a cost estimate for those large plastic windows at that depth. Tell us why that is the better way to go than living anywhere else.

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On a 7 billion planet there is no space left to go anywere else read more here on contrary the amount of disruptive construction on the dryland surface must be reduced to get back to equilibrium.

no huge plastic windows in the ocean sphere concept - oculum on top -

Check concept : Ocean Sphere

Cost estimate : see here

Fort Mc Henry underwatertunnel windowless without the expensive acrylic window features…

The ocean sphere is halfway between windowless and acrylic it is flooded with natural light over a oculum but lacks expensive and delicate acrylic.

Underwater living space square meters in the size of a shopping mall are already “out there” as we speak in the form of tubular and shell concrete structures…


There’s plenty of space to go, no one lives in the north Pacific, for instance, between Hawaii and Alaaska, and between Japan and California. Most of north Canadia is uninhabited. Prolly under 100 people on the entire continent of Antarctica, and virtually no one in Austrailian interior. This is just another way you can advertise your own site and get hit counter points there.

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you need to understand that we can not cut down more space on land to build suburban housing and road infrastructure - the rivets are popping out of our blue planets life support sistem already - what is built today is already “far to much” and must be reduced and opened for nature again…

so i invite to rethink your idea that there is plenty of nature to cut down and settle on land…

Check also The road problem why remote land settlement is not a solution.

Consider Seasteading vs desert settlement to understand why the center of Australia is not an option.


And you managed to get in another url for your site. I suggest that it’s cheaper to house and fuel 100,000 people on land than to build floating homes for them and some form of energy supply. But i was arguing your statement that there’s no place else to go, AND i pointed to the north Pacific ocean, which is water, and you seemed to ignore in the rant to get off the land because there isn’t any more.

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and that is a “perception error” based on incomplete info - you will understand that if you follow the links supplied earlier…real estate on the water is more economic for a number of reasons


No, it isn’t. There’s no way a wood-framed small house costs more than a concrete floating OR underwater house of the same floor space. People have built tiny homes in the usa for a few $1000, including a trailer to carry it around on.


I suggest this entire thread be removed.

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i suggest to make a point instead of agressive pointless posting…non related to the thread topic…seasteading core value stop fighting - everybody can have his way…


I think i made a point: no one can afford to build that fantasy computer graphic of a seastead 50 meters deep, and you are posting “new” threads like this over and over to keep links to your site in the top 10 of active posts here.

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if you want to keep up this “non topic” sidetracking discussion pls spit it in a separate thread - this thread is dedicated to “ENVISON UNDERWATWATER LIVING SPACE” so make a contribution to the topic or go somewhere else.


This computer graphic is a waste of time, and it’s going to disappoint people who think that’s real seasteading. My constructive critique is: your time and money are better spent elsewhere.

But you made a concrete submarine a long time ago, i’d like to know 1) what is it doing now, and how is it surviving? 2) what did you build and floated with concrete after that, in the last 10 years? That information could be very valuable to everyone.

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so if this is waste of time - why are you still here ?


I am trying to get some important questions answered, if you can stop wasting time spamming for a while?

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…the only thing that will get an answer on the “envision underwater living space thread” is the question how to (correctly) envision underwater living space…

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not correct i made three - check here what you should know about me


The correct vision of underwater space, something someone can build and live in and travel in, is the submarine you built, the one you are refusing to discuss.


So you made a submarine, 3 times. So how are they working today? How has the cement held up, how many miles on them, are the people living in them still happy with them? Why didn’t you build one for yourself to live in?

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To enlighten the vision of a underwater living space here is a footage of the inside of my 200 ton submarine living space project that is the real estate equivalent of a 68 square meter apartment. In raw building…

more about: ( http://concretesubmarine.com )