Elon Musk's Hyperloop for connections between seasteads | oceanic business alliance


ThyssenKrupp elevator technology seems promising for transportation. It’s basically hyperloop in atmospheric pressure.

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The hyperloop that Musk describes is impossible. Even if you could get the vacuum needed maintaining that vacuum and allowing the pods to enter and leave would be impossible. This is just pseudoscience.

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Sure, basicly anything what Elon Musk does or proposes is called “impossible” by somebody on this “planet of 7,5 billion random opinions” …(of which most have cero importance and are - literally - unfunded…)

The interresting question is -

If you had to bet your money on Elon or his Oponents on which group would you bet ?

I incline to follow Steve Jurvetson and bet on Elon…he seems to be a smart guy and figure it always out in the end.

But as always “everybody is endorsed to his opinion”…i am not going to debate on that…or waste time to try to convince you of the contrary of what your personal believe sistem may be…

Basicly i am sure that Elon Musk has discussed each and any of those “alleged problems and impossibilities” with his investors and engineering boards and found credible solutions to all of them - this is what makes him Elon Musk (the key player, the driver, the developer, the reciever of investment ) in first place, and what makes the millions flow to his projects in general - it is all about credibility.

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As far as the hyperloop, I would bet my last dollar against it and sleep well that night.

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context • | ocean colonization technology | key player network |

The ocean is also the geologic feature that can be “tunneled most easy and fastest” to establish high speed tunnel connections between (floating and land based) population centers…

• You just can “displace the material” you don´t need to dig it out and move it somewhere else
• You can “float in” tunnel sections of a mile length - connect them to the existing tunnel and your line has become a mile longer in a few hours…try that in a granit mountain…

• Tubular structures can be built from concrete for a water depth of 500 m (prudent safety factor in place) - that is a lot of space for metro lines crisscrossing without disturbing surface traffic and enhancing marine life instead of interrupting - as highways do…

• Sience Fiction ? - Kati Melua had a concert 303 m underwater in a tubular concrete structure called Troll A…that was back in 2006… ocean colonization technology has advanced a lot since…

… smart Elon is aware of these facts…


Except the Hyperloop and those tubes have to have fixed terminals… If seasteads are going to be able to move at all, even just weathervaning into storms, there has to be flexibility. Even FPSOs have moorings that are too flexible for tubing that cannot flex.

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| ocean colonization technology leadership |

keyword oil drilling | how do you connect a floating island to a fixed drilling site borehole ? | how much flexibility where in the sistem, do you allow/restrict ? - the “off the shelf engineering” is “out there” for those who know at least where to look… (google oil gas pipeline)

…suggesting smart Elon has not solved that - is…

(auditorium pls choose your ending of phrase…)

• shere genius from your part - you got him.
• heartbreakingly naive …
• something i would like to discuss with you / given your posting history
• something i am not much interested to discuss with you
• probably more a lack of understanding and insight from your side than a real problem
• something you need to communicate to Elon inmediatly he may depend on your peer review
• really really exciting - i want to discuss with nobox frusha and peers how we will correct Elon
• childish at best . There might be one or two insightful people in this 833 silent listeners collective to “comment competent” on that…and i am sure (from your posting history on display) it is not you…


What I’m suggesting is that you need to reread the material and not put words into Elon Musk’s mouth. The Hyperloop undersea tunnel transport system is designed for fixed-point to fixed-point at existing delivery ports, not to offshore oil/gas rigs.

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This really demos how stupid some people are, to think a hard module containing people running at 600mph in a horizontal tube 10ft in diameter in a vaccuum is the same situation as a vertical oil riser off the ocean floor.