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Continuing discussion of the Ocean Sphere: Ocean Sphere Concept, storm survival, comfort

After years of pursuing the common interest of creating human habitats, cities, in or under the majority of this planet’s surface we have (forum members, TSI, lurkers) come to some shared conclusions. To successfully and safely settle the high seas outside any particular jurisdiction we need to avoid the wave zone. Going underwater not only makes a lot of sense, it also unleashes a multitude of Worlds of possibility: Each Ocean sphere would be like a personal Micro Planet: if big enough like a communal mini Planet. A cluster of spheres and blimps would effectively constitute an ocean city.

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I’d suggest rephrasing that to “some”… I know quite a few that disagree with this idea. If it’s already nearly submerged, then it will need to be sealed, in order to prevent accidental sinking.

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Thanks for this “highly qualyfied and valuable opinion” on the ocean sphere concept…i suppose this has slipped our engineering and design team for the last 3 decades - thanks for bringing it up - we will include that issue in the next engineering board meeting.

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Much like a humble Japanese garden, Roman villa, or fantastic Bernal Sphere, the Ellmer Ocean Sphere would definitely face inwards.


You’re quite welcome. I thought it was quite obvious, myself, but one never knows.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #6

@Matias - i admire your capability to give life to an idea with just a few handsketch drawings…those are great visualizations of the concept....

A typical view in an ocean sphere with oculum could be something like this…( requires 600m diameter )

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Thanks, an ocean sphere looks like the cleanest blankest sheet conceivable in the physical world. Obviously the more cooperation, the bigger the outer membrane, larger the diameter, the wider the possibilities that are unleashed as pictured above.

A 60/70 feet Diameter sphere could look like this if conceived for residential or commercial purposes.

An industrial or agricultural facility might even be easier to accomodate. The enclosed controlled nature of an ocean sphere would allow for environmentally sensitive activities such as microchip/pharmaceutical manu(robo)facturing and high intensity agriculture.


So, 600m diameter… What’s the displacement and the hull thickness. How are you going to ballast it and how are you going to keep it in deep water? What is your proposed energy source, and expected cost per person, to move in? How do you figure on reimbursing the world for land loss, to displaced water? I mean, my guess is about 0.6" rise, due to diplaced water, for each one of these, and ecologists are worried about each 1-2mm…? Close to 30 Billion gallons of water has to go somewhere, when you float this thing in the ocean…

(oh, that’s right, I’m supposed to be too stupid to ask rellevant questions…)

(Wilfried Ellmer) #9

it does not start as a complete 600m sphere - it starts like any city as a small development - from a modest beginning…

… a a small partial sphere segment working as plate seastead like this…cost per squaremeter check here

The typical “urban living spaces of today” can all be placed in a ocean sphere…

The seaworthyness of a ocean sphere does not depend on its size. The “sphere habitat concept” can be applied in ANY Size from boat size to city size in any sea condition anywhere in the liquid mantle of the planet.

Can be done with “off the shelf technology” - shell building - heavy method - ( solving the bottleneck )

70m diameter example

10m diameter family house concrete sphere

A 10m diameter concrete sphere delivers a volume of 523.599 m3 - which means about 209 real estate squaremeter at 2,5m room height. (314m surface area) - this is the living space of a 3 story family house.

Such a sphere gives comfort in the high seas is Draupner wave safe and does not depend on any other infrastructure.

For a 10cm thick shell it would require 31 cubic meter of concrete cast - (which can be performed at 3000 USD per cubic meter) - that places the "family house sphere in a cost universe of 93.000 USD - much lower than normal housing. Somewhere around 444 USD per real estate squaremeter.

conshelf habitat

surface connected living space bubble

Hyperloop between ocean spheres…


OK, since the long-term goal is to build a 600 meter diameter sphere, what is the calculated thickness and displacement for the initial, city-sized plate-section of the hull, and how do you expect to keep it afloat?


10 cm thick isn’t going to be piecing together a 600 meter diameter sphere. I’ve framed and rebarred for 4ft thick slabs (to prevent erosion below an overflow dam), 12 in slabs for houses, and 8 in slabs for driveways. I wouldn’t pitch the 4 ft slab as a decent section for the 600 meter diameter sphere.

Pilings for the Rio-Antirrio bridge hardly qualify as an example of a 70 meter diameter floating sphere.


It’s a nice concept alright. Personally I prefer cylinders myself as they allow more room for future growth. I do like those drawings though, they sell the idea very well. I assume that’s a freshwater catchment basin in the bilge?

Just one question, is there a particular reason there’s three anchor warps coming out at an extreme angle like that? One would probably be enough, with maybe a spare and a kedge kept in reserve in case it breaks. Plus, all those lines would mean it’d be hard to moor another sphere nearby without fouling their anchors.

(Matias Volco) #13

Yes that’s freshwater storage and cycle doubling as ornamental features.

They represent both anchorage, lines, and possible infrastructure connection to nearby spheres, buoys, seafloor nodes, or islands.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #14

Consider : you can merge sphere and tower concepts, you can “cluster” it … no need to go for either or … it is rather a “all of it”.

You also can merge surface floating with submerged in any mix conceivable and convenient…

Ramform Ocean Sphere surface floating loose cluster assembly …


There is no Ramform vessel in that picture…

Pic of the latest Ramform design, the Ramform Titan…

(Matias Volco) #16

To prevent/revert confusion, I made that picture showing a:
Cruiseship and sailboats docked inside a “ramform concrete island” and “ocean sphere” in the foreground. The last picture is an aft view.
This is a bow view: notice the similarity to its namesake. http://floatingislands.discoursehosting.net/uploads/db7667/original/1X/7393efb6dc71cb3499dc7c0788a610e824582388.jpg
We could further discuss Ramform Island in any of the Ramform threads. This one I created it to discuss the concept of underwater habitats.

I particularly like the combination of a surface island for docking, beaches and parks, with pods ocean spheres and submersible blimps for residences, industries and gardens.

The combinations and possibilities are endless and depend and can adapt to any circumstance and location.

Re the expandability if cylibders: would we not achieve the same or better effect by building a large plate that is gradually enclosed and submerged?


Confusion comes in, when people misappropriate a term, or name. Ramform has a set of patented specifications, and does not have the long V tail, dragging behind the vessel, supposedly creating a sheltered harbor. To use the term Ramform, without it being a Ramform vessel is misleading and attempts to lend false credentials to the structure.

Calling a Ramform ship a ‘ship’ or ‘vessel’, is generalizing, calling any vessel that is not a Ramform is misappropriating the name.

Call it a floating harbor island, or something. Come up with an original term that is more descriptive and accurate, rather than misusing a name or term and creating confusion.

(Matias Volco) #18

Im using Kat’s term “Boomerang Island” (you may call it whatever you fancy) but it just doesn’t get repeated or associated with the image as much as its historic, drcade long, name of “ramform island” (the need to establish a) in Seasteading lexicon.
I’m a visionary young designer could you please not cut me slack but at least keep your terminology nit picking in context and thread specific?
Thanks in advance

Ramform (island) and ocean sphere in context from another angle

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@Matias - the “nutbag segment is best attended by ignoring”… (nobody is interested in repeating frushas long and confused ramform discourse) just keep the quality info under the correct thread title comming and refuse to attend thread disruption … you brought up a series of topics that are worth to talk about …

| surface island for docking | beaches and parks | submersible blimps | seafloor nodes | enclosed controlled nature of an ocean sphere | high intensity agriculture | [possibilities unleash](http://nautilusmaker.discoursehosting.net/t/unleash-potential-is-the-core-of-ocean-colonization/4547) | connections | clustering |
... like everywhere in life if you want to make some progress you need to find a way to limit the number of "crazy, fanatic, negativity loaden, annoying, uneducated, embarrishing, interrupting, people in your meetings | forums | projects.... or everything starts to fall apart. It is a quest for feasibility after all.

I am sure neither you nor me want @JL_Frusha neither on a “design meeting” nor on a naval “naval nomenclature” meeting nor in a “concept forum” after hearing his past posts…do you?

Somehow we need to solve this “frusha butting in problem” - my first choice would be “ignore him” - what do you think? | you as thread starter might also ask him kindly to “not post on your thread”… if negativity, off topic, and derail is all “contribution” he is willing to offer…

Inside a shopping mall sized ocean sphere…picture it something like this…from the inside and something like this

from the outside..

Power to gas technology | gas to liquid fuel (diesel) technology |

light mini sphere house shell - any size goes.

car sized fast mobile light shell…

Thinking Volumetrically opposed to Linearly. The key to success?
Maximum depth | tubular concrete structures | hydrostatic load | spheres | oceanic business alliance

Always approriate to request the usage of appropriate names and terminology, to prevent confusion. Call it gnit-picking, if you like, I am not the ones misappropriating names and terms.

As you pointed out, you’ve been misusing the term ‘Ramform’ for a long time, and I’ve repeatedly requested that people use more appropriate terminology. If you would like, I can catalog a series of links to show that, especially regarding ‘Ramform’, though I would rather not stoop to tacticts normally used by someone else, to obfuscate issues.

Since the misappropriation continues in this thread, I am on topic, as well. There are very few vessels of the Ramform Design. Currently, the only ones in existence are either licensed and owned by PGS, or the Norwegian Navy.

Boomerang Island is much more descriptive of the overall shape of your design.