Drone-based efficient items sharing

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Like a plane’s black box. Since you are thinking of moving that much data real time, might I suggest telemetry data too.

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Since radio shack just went under, I would try a first year engineering student. The professional search and rescue guys follow a twelve volt two frequency radio signal for miles triangulating the location of civil aviation crashes. It really is that low tech. Look up the u.s. civil air patrol. They are fifteen year old kids and they actually search for downed aircraft domestically.

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For the record, I was in the CAP when I was fifteen.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #24

Other than a land city - a seastead is a complete blank page where you can test and implement all kind of new things without creating friction with established sistems, think drone delivery, think new traffic sistems, new banking sistems, new construction techniques etc…

(Jorge Fuentes) #25

Indeed! Most of great innovative projects get eventually stuck due to restrictions. Seasteading is perfect for them then…

(Mark Stephan) #26

Yep - just look at the new drone regulations in the US! Imagine unrestricted testing, innovation…

(Jonas Smith) #27

Not if your seastead is flying a US flag in US territorial waters.

As long as those things all comply with the laws of the nation your seastead is registered in and the nation whose territorial waters you are in.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #28

no - if you fly a flag of convenience you are out of jurisdiction…and not part of the nearby nation and its rulesets. (footnote)

(Jonas Smith) #29

You are in the jurisdiction of the flag nation. If that nation has certain rules regarding drones then you must follow them as if you were on land.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #30

what would be something stupid and abusive and bring me to change the flag and choose better rules. (ugly4 only).

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