Do we have a psychological/phylosofical orientation for the community?

(Sabrina Benso) #1

Do we have psychologists/phylosofers/anthropologists/sociologist involved at the project? I would like to know how are the ideas.
All the best

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(Wilfried Ellmer) #2

Sabrina - welcome to the ocean colonization movement.

This group is full of angry people that want to to flee the world on a floating raft cultivating veggies on their own poop and attack fiercly anybody who speaks of business, global industry integration, investors and science as drivers for progress …

So psychologists and group therapists are desperatly needed to get this on better and more healtier tracks…:slight_smile:

we shall seastead in the right context for the right reasons in a harmonic community - a lot of work to do...

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(Sabrina Benso) #3

I do agree that living in our society is frustrating in many ways and the feelings can be a great motivation for good changes if well orientated.
That’s why I’m interest to know if already has a project/reseach on going.
And if we do i would like to know if it’s open for contributions.
Thank you for the reply.



Insulting those with a different vision, and a different education does not become you, nor is it beneficial to this forum, or ‘open dialogue’, as you claim to want, then scream when someone shows documentation that you were wrong, or asks someone for an educated opinion that won’t agree with yours.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #5

how is helping a friend to a better and more adequate place to deal with personal anger and obsession issues an insult ? Sabrina is probably a better and more adequate partner to talk to - this puts us all to a better place and helps to move seasteading forward.


Matias needs psychological assistance? You’re so thoughtful. I had no idea he had plans to make use of my idea to go from sewage to hydroponics fertilizer. AFAIK, he’s your only friend, and you both have the obsession about Ramform as some fantasy that doesn’t fit the patented description… PLEASE continue to seek help. Bravo!

(I must admit, I’m slightly flattered that SOMEone listens to the technical information I’ve injected into this forum, even to the point of knowing it well enough to attempt to use it against me. :slight_smile:

By-gosh and by-golly, even my haters are learning from me! :joy: )

(Matias Volco) #7

No orientation whatsoever; facing the wind has been proposed but such a novel nautical concept has naturally become a very emotionally charged topic, sexist even. As noted we are also rife with OCD, GPD (geriatric profanity disorder), and a smudge of coprophillia for good measure. The list doesn’t end there but you were treated to all of those in just a few replies so you ve got to be good or very timely!

After briefly debating the virtue of firearms we were just now looking at the next to most traditional way of problem solving and group collaboration: multiple law suits. But now that you came and raised the possibility of therapy it becomes evident that we are making hugely rapid progress towards solutions even more sophisticated than guns and lawsuits. Let me remind you at this point that seasteading is all about experimenting with cutting edge innovative social and political systems.

Oh, there might be paranoia too, time (3 mins) will tell

(Wilfried Ellmer) #8

not to mention paranoia - fear of authority - conspiracy theories - rounding the threads - so Sabrina your help is apreciated welcome and needed…we even had pedofiles and gun violence porn phantasy rounding the forums ( floating islands without flag will be opened fire upon due to piracy suspect - was a widley talked and believed hypothesis) … in the face of potential investors we really need to “get our act together as a community” before we can be taken serious… @sabrinabenso can you pls read trough the threads and get a diagnosis how bad it is and if there is still help ?


To be quite frank, many of us just want room to be able to avoid the people that prevent us from living/being/doing as well we are capable of. Dissatisfied individuals make up the core. Not even many that truly appear to be wanting different government, so much as those promoting the larger, floating city type designs, want to be fat, rich landlords.

TBH, the system of waste-processing I’m planning is far more complex than some raft with raw sewage, as implied by Ellmer. His moment of drama is an attempt to cause the under-educated to not listen to the science behind what can, and IS being done, toward food and energy independence.

The actual method he maliciously referred to is to use separated swerage, food and paper wastes in a methane digester, that provides both fuel for cooking and sanitized, treated effluent that can be used, or further treated, then used as hydroponic fertilizer. The ‘poop’ would be thoroughly sanitized and there is no stage of physical handling of sewage, after it enters the toilet, except for any plumbing issues that can arise with any system. Consider it a modern variation on the Chinese Biogas Digesters that have been in use since the Peace corps first began promoting them.

Personally, I think my wife and I have more of a ‘Swiss Family Robinson’-on-purpose orientation. Not to ‘do-without’, but to set an example, and be as inventive and self-sufficient as possible, plus enjoy the adventure, in the process. Our kids are almost out of the house and this will be our time to do more, follow our dreams, and make our mark. Lead by example; let others follow, or not, as they choose. In the end, we want our descendents to have a better example of what they, too, are capable of.

Jeff Frusha

(Matias Volco) #10

@sabrinabenso Hi Sabrina, so you can see by now Ellmer was not being flip with the “desperately needed” psychology services.
On picture the ramform topic Mr F just wrote a treatise on psychological projection - which is fine except that’s a lot of text for a topic opened specifically to picture a triangular (ramform) floating island.
We have had some threads on psychology (this platform’s search engine is very good) and in one I mentiobned about a year ago how in mc murdo or antarctica during the winter best friends became enemies and ceassed talking. I guess it s just cabin fever, my question to you is how to expedite that process so the artistic visions and technical diagrams we share don’t get buried in flame wars.

@JL_Frusha Thank you for posting the deck plans that clearly show a bow and a wide stern and for describing how you would furbish it. Honest engine. Would you mind opening your own topic to talk about everything else than that? Please? It’s just that it’s an image-based topic unlike say the one about flags or the very popular one about poop to table cuisine. (On that topic, have you consider bird guano as an alternative, in fact a guano artificial island has already been built off Swakopmund, Namibia more than a century ago)

Thanks in advance for editing your clutter posts and moving them to the topic (or private message) you chose to create.

@sabrinabenso isnt fascinating how even in an abundance economy (opening a topic is fee) people still fight for territory?


@Matias & @ellmer Why don’t you two love birds go have your hate fest somewhere else? You’re great at telling others what they should do, when and where. Take your own advice.

Your anger over me posting a Ramform based vessel, in a thread titled “Picture the Ramform” is assinine, to say the least. Report it. Go ahead… Hell, call Wally and see what they say… Better yet, I can call and ask Mr. Ramde if it’s OK to give you his number, if you’re really serious. I got it through a contact at PGS, the company that owns, operates and is having Ramform ships built. However, if YOU happen to have a number, I CAN confirm, or deny its’ validity. Better yet, drag someone important in here and I’ll offer to forward them the email giving me the number, and they can be the arbitor as to the veracity of my claim.

No, I haven’t been calling to report your awful attempts to pass-off BS as Ramform, or you’d already have take-down notices. I’m playing nice.

Take your anger out on a brick wall. You’ll feel better, sooner, and get more personal satisfaction, rather than all of this public crying over someone else and their plans.

Jeff Frusha

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(Matias Volco) #12

I said i liked the fact that you share your plans; i said honest engine.
Im complaining about the clutter of text that is your other posts.
Psychological projection means when one sees in others that which is in oneself.
Man, take it easy :wink:
PS how do you feel about guano?