Do we have a Discord server or something similar to that for the seasteading community?


If so, may you post a link to it?
And if not, maybe we should make one.

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I have been on Discord. There was some interest about seasteading.
I could not develop good understanding of the Discord system. I might try again.

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I have no computer capable of running Discord. The minimum OS now is win7, and that’s pretty much officially dead according to Microsoft, so the minimum will soon be win10, and no way will i put that on one of my computers, even if they could run it.

Being that voip is real time communications, have you considered irc, which is also real time, and can be accesses by just about all OSs?


You can use the web version of Discord.
Discord saves images and conversations, something that IRC doesn’t allow you to do.

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Actually, most irc networks have memoserv, but it is limited. Most irc networks do not prohibit bots, which can log and play back anything they are told to remember. I have been on irc somewhere constantly for over 20 years.


How about we do both a Discord and an IRC?

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Ok by me. Talk to @JL_Frusha. Do not talk to @spark about it. /me looks sideways at spark.


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There is a telegram channel.



On Freenode, I have #seastead and #gulfsteading channels in irc

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Which net?
A list of some of the irc nets.



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@Sam_Wox , did you intend for the Discord server approach to communications be only for now, for computer users who have high speed internet, and for those with the freedom to choose the times they can be talking online?

In a forward-thinking way, not based on land, not based on $million com hubs, what about communications at sea? I am thinking fault tolerance and avoidance in a multipath mesh topology, and power consumption which scales with what is needed. Why not set up and debug that system now, so it’s available when eventually needed?