Dive Destination Resort (more of a camp, really)

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Usually, these kinds of places are not in deep water. They are in areas protected enough for diving without super fast currents, where marine life is sheltered enough to accumulate, and where weather is acceptable.

They are generally similar to a B&B or wilderness cabin/camping retreat in that group meals are provided, in a more casual setting than a “resort”. Rooms are often shared, service is more group oriented and less formal. Sometimes guests perform kitchen duties as part of the package.




Not only diving, but all water sports and water recreational activities.



PS. I did proposed a similar project 2 years ago:

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Much more achievable than a Disney, Riu, or or Sandos-style “resort”. And they can be complementary rather than strict competitors. Coopetition.


Half a million or even less, depending on initial size. No need to build anything (to start with). Ideally on a big houseboat (120’+ LOA) with very minor refit.

If located in the Florida Keys or Cay Sal, zero competition…

Not only that, but given a “solid” location, all local diving, snorkeling, sightseeing, etc. boats operators WILL come to you for the convenience of docking alongside your structure instead of drifting in the current or mooring on the reef.

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I just attended a presentation on this place:



Interesting. I wonder if they are making money…

Bellow is an interactive coral reef location map for Florida Keys and Cay Sal.


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This Surf Camp is for sale. I am friends with the owner:

The business model is similar to what I think a dive camp could do on a small seastead.

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I think, I have heard about this one. I think, I knew the guys who started it.

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You’re never going to believe this but the bike in that picture looks a whole lot like my old bike. It’s rather unusual to find a motorcycle in Nicaragua over 350ccs. That looks like a Honda 550. I sold it to a friend of Sam, the big realtor for southern Nica. I think I mentioned that I had a lake home on Lake Nicaragua. If I wasn’t busy building the Marinea Project, I would probably be back down there somewhere.


Could not the underside of a seastead (in deep water) potentially provide habitat to attract creatures interesting to divers?

Or … could not a floating mangrove forest also be an artificial “nature preserve” of some type?

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Certainly. Many permaculture farms make money from ecotourism and offering courses on permaculture.

An artificial floating mangrove island would be very interesting to a number of people, and a niche tour group could be set up fairly easily in this internet-enabled era.


Being in Florida, I actually looked into that some time ago. But, to design and build such island would be quite challenging.

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It would take some time to grow it for sure. Several years to maturity.


That too…