Different forms of government

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Hi Shiina_Ai;

I think, the more you write the better. People can decide if
they want you kingdom or not.
I do not write much about my ideas, because I do not have any.
One idea, I have is “vote with your boat”. This is not my original idea.
I have lived in, I would call, “restrictive societies” for long time.
I have seen “comparative economic systems”.
Everybody is entitled to have their own opinion, but not everybody is
entitled to be right.
I am glad to read your posts. Thank you.


Does sound a lot more benevolent than what people typically think of, when someone says they will set up a Monarchy.

Thank you for elaborating.

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Shiina_Ai, here is the biggest weakness with your king: there has only ever been one incorruptible human ever on the earth, and he got crucified two thousand years ago. No other person is immune to corruption of his benevolence. Even if you think you know such a person, putting him in that job will inevitably lead to his/her corruption. So your hoped-for lending of power to an executive office, and taking it back “only” when it “should be” is completely subjective, and I guarantee you that many will disagree with the king’s decisions.

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Hi Bob;

Understanding life is a process. No classes, no grades, but lessons.
Each person progresses on his/her own speed. We are all here.


Where are you planning on locating?