Deck Paint To Create Pure Silver

(noboxes) #1

It’s well known that the human body needs silver, uses it once, and excretes it. What if the seastead could use a deck paint that could recover this silver, in 99.7% pure flakes? During exposure to sunlight, the natural application of enzymes in the poo from our feathered friends the seagulls, plus application of the human urine to keep the paint moist during daylight hours, the silver formed during the night can be gently scraped off by a modified Roommba before sunrise the next day! Meaning all you must do is empty your free silver from the device when you wake!

Unless you have backup solar power, this won’t generate silver during the night, it only merges the atoms from your urine into harvestable flakes. But if you were to apply 340v at the correct frequency across the deck at night, you could double the silver harvest! Imagine the possibilities!

Yes, imagine the possibilities!! You could rest at anchor in a pricey marina, paid for by the silver from your deck covered in 100% organic natural processes (plus the roomba, which is very small and quiet)!

(Tom Schaefer) #2

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